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Adding User Licenses and Limit Upgrades

The NPL Limit Upgrade allows NPL developers to add additional NPL platforms and increase the user license of NPL Gold Keys in the field. The "Add User Licenses" program is used to extend the current user limit or functionality of a Gold Key in the field by inputting a license code obtained from Niakwa.

For the Limit Upgrade procedure to be successful, the following is required:

To obtain the "Limit Upgrade Code", you must first run the shortcut labeled "Add User Licenses".

Running the shortcut will result in a screen showing information about your current RunTime. Record all of the information, and press TAB to quit.

Provide the resulting information to your Authorized Niakwa Distributor, who will then contact Niakwa.

Once all information about your current RunTime has been submitted, you will be provided with a Limit Upgrade Code to be entered in the final field of the program. Even if you receive the code immediately via an electronic method, you will also receive a "Certificate of License and Authenticity" with the invoice.

IMPORTANT: Store the Certificate of License and Authenticity and the Gold Key together in a safe location. The Certificate is your official proof of product ownership.

Run the "Add User Licenses" shortcut again, and enter the Limit Upgrade Code. The program will validate the code and perform the upgrade.

WARNING: This procedure updates both the installed copy of the RunTime and the Gold Key diskette. Developers should insure that the NPL Gold Key is available in the diskette drive prior to running the LIMIT procedure. The Limit program will display an error message if the Gold Key is not in the floppy drive.