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General Requirements

For the upgrade procedure to be successful, the following is required:

NOTE: the installation procedure MUST be run before Upgrading the License.

NOTE: the installation procedure and the Upgrade should be performed on the system that is to be used as the security server.

NOTE: The Gold Key revision number appears on the original Gold Key diskette label.

HINT: It is necessary to have the registration code, and Certificate of License and Authenticity present before beginning the upgrade procedure. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to obtain the registration code at the time the upgrade is being performed. However, it is highly recommended that the upgrade registration code be obtained prior to performing the upgrade in order to avoid potential delays.

NOTE: If NPL security is unable to be recalled for any reason, contact your Authorized Niakwa Distributor for information on obtaining a RESET prior to the upgrade procedure.

Additional Upgrade Considerations

This section discusses known issues with the Universal Upgrade procedure.