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The NPL Universal Upgrade is designed to allow existing NPL RunTimes to be upgraded to the current NPL version in an easy manner. Once the upgrade procedure is complete, your NPL Gold Key will be licensed for use with the new revision / capabilities.

The upgrade procedure is four simple steps:

1. Remove your prior NPL installation. First recall Authorization to the Gold Key diskette following the directions that accompany your revision. Then delete all RunTime related files and program groups. Be careful not to delete any that will be required by your application under the new revision.

WARNING: It is very important to recall authorization BEFORE uninstalling the old version. If this is not done, the upgrade will fail, and the only way to recall authorization will be to re-install the old revision, perform the recall, then uninstall again.

2. Run the installation procedure as though preparing a new installation.

3. Rather than following the instructions for "Gold Key Security Installation", proceed to the General Requirements section of the NPL Universal Upgrade section.

NOTE: the installation procedure MUST be run before Upgrading the License.

NOTE: RunTimes of revision 4.1 and earlier cannot be upgraded using the Universal Upgrade - they must be replaced. Contact you Niakwa Authorized Distributor for assistance.

4. Uninstall the prior version of NPL from the workstations, and install the new one, following the instructions for Running Setup on the Workstations.

Proceed to the section titled General Requirements for how to perform the Universal Upgrade procedure including recalling original security, using SHOWNPL to identify the RunTime to be upgraded, and obtaining the Upgrade Code from Niakwa.

See the section titled Limit Upgrades for a description of the Limit Upgrade procedure, which allows increased user counts and other limit changes without running the Universal Upgrade.