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Error Codes

Most errors with the NPLSecure will produce several dialog boxes. The first of these is the most important:

This dialog contains these pieces of information:

NPLSecure Error Code <error>: This is the internal NPL error code associated with the event. A list is shown below.

Server <name>: This is the exact server name that NPLSecure is attempting to resolve. If the name can be resolved, and a connection can be made, NPLSecure will then try to gain access to the services on the server. If access is granted, NPLSecure will begin communicating with the NPLSecure Server service on that server.

Last DCOM error <error text>: When available, this is the error text associated with errors raised by DCOM.

Last Command Code: The last DCOM command used by NPLSecure - in some cases this will assist Niakwa in diagnosing problems.

Last Result Code: The last result code received from DCOM by NPLSecure - in some cases this will assist Niakwa in diagnosing problems.

NPLSecure Error Codes

The following codes are in hexadecimal.

0x01 - Couldn't pass security on the server

0x02 - NPLSecure ran out of space for $USER program login entries.

0x06 - RunTime didn't get a response from the background thread which it uses to communicate with the NPLSecure service.

0x08 - RunTime tried issuing another NPLSecure command when it was waiting for a previous command to finish.

0x0A - NPL is waiting for a response from NPLSecure.

0x11 - NPL got an error when calling CoInitialize to initialize DCOM.

0x14 - NPL got an error when calling CoCreateInstanceEx to establish a connection to the NPLSecure service.

0x19 - NPL got an error when trying to get access to some shared memory.

0x1A - NPL got an error when calling CreateEvent to create an event for communicating between threads.

0x1B - NPL couldn't create the background thread that it uses to talk to NPLSecure.

0x20 - User limit exceeded.

0x21 - NPL received corrupted data from NPLSecure.

0x22 - NPLSecure refused the connection because there are too many clients (more than 1000).

0x23 - Communications got cut off, and couldn't reconnect within the time limit.

0x24 - Got a DCOM error when trying to talk to the NPLSecure service.

0x25 - NPL is trying to talk to the NPLSecure service when there's no connection.

0xFE - NPLSecure received corrupted data from NPL.

0xFF - NPL tried to use a nonexistent NPLSecure command.