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Gold Key Security Installation Using NIAKIN32

NOTE: If you are performing a revision upgrade, do not execute this step. Rather, go to the Overview section of the NPL Universal Upgrade section.

Step 5. After the setup program has finished (including rebooting if directed to do so), run the icon labeled "Install or Recall Authorization".

NOTE: Check the installation directory and the host name of the server which is displayed in the dialog. If there is a problem (TCP/IP not installed or host/domain names not set or too long) consider exiting the procedure and checking your network configuration.

Select the 'Install Authorization from diskette to hard drive' option. You will be prompted to mount your Gold Key diskette. The license file is copied from the Gold Key diskette, and tagged internally with the name of the server.

This completes the installation for the server. Note that only the 32-bit version of the RunTime is installed.

NOTE: Any time the server name is changed, "Install or Recall Authorization" must be run again to recall authorization, and then again to re-install authorization. Then all workstations must re-install NPL so that they will find the server using the new name.

Continue to Running Setup on the Workstations

In order to uninstall the RunTime from the server, see the section titled Uninstallation from the Server.