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Querying License Information with SHOWNPL5

SHOWNPL5 is a utility that should be used to obtain information about the RunTime needed for Universal Upgrades, Limit Upgrades, Resets and other transactions.

NOTE: SHOWNPL5 requires that the RunTime be operational.

Run the icon labeled "Show NPL license information".

Note that the information reflects the installed RunTime. In order to use SHOWNPL5 to display information contained on a Gold Key diskette or elsewhere, run the SHOWNPL5 batch file with the location as an argument. For example:


The batch file may be run from a command prompt or from a new shortcut.

NOTE: At this time the SHOWNPL5 batch file does not accept arguments containing spaces. Thus a location such as C:\Program Files\Niakwa\NPL must be entered as C:\Progra~1\Niakwa\NPL.