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 Resetting Gold Key Security with RESET

The following procedure provides a field-level reset of security. If installed Gold Key security is damaged, resetting security will allow it to be re-installed.

Have the end-user insert the Gold Key diskette into the floppy drive of the failed system.

Run the icon labeled "Reset Gold Key Security", found in the NPL folder or menu group.

Have the end-user record the information contained after "Serial Number:" (i.e., 012345-2). This information is all that is necessary for Niakwa to issue a new Gold Key security install.

Have the end-user press ESC. This exits the program so the user can continue working until the reset code is provided.

Contact Niakwa and ask for a field-level reset of the Gold Key.

NOTE: Reset codes are only provided to Authorized Niakwa Distributors. All other users should contact their Authorized Distributor for assistance in obtaining a reset code.

Several questions are asked, including the "Serial Number" information (recorded earlier). Upon approval of a field-level reset, a reset code is issued that allows the reinstallation of the RunTime’s Gold Key security.

NOTE: This reset code can be used only once.

Contact the end-user. Have the end-user run the icon labeled "Reset Gold Key Security" again.

Have the end-user enter the reset code obtained from Niakwa. This must be entered exactly as provided by Niakwa. When the reset code is entered and confirmed, have the end-user press ENTER. The following message is then displayed.

Install-Count Reset Successful

Then have the end-user run the icon labeled "Install or Recall Authorization".

NOTE: If installing the NPLSecure security to NT / 2000, check the installation directory and the host name of the server which is displayed in the dialog. If there is a problem (TCP/IP not installed or host/domain names not set or too long) consider exiting the procedure and checking your network configuration.

NOTE: It is not usually necessary to run Setup again. However if installing the NPLSecure security to NT / 2000, and if the installation directory or host name of the server has changed since the last installation, exit this procedure, and the server and all workstations should uninstall NPL and rerun Setup.

Select the 'Install Authorization from diskette to hard drive' option. You will be prompted to mount your Gold Key diskette. The license file is copied from the Gold Key diskette, and tagged internally with the name of the server.