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NPL Library Products

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NPL Library Products

The Niakwa Library Program provides a means by which developers can buy, sell, and share libraries. Libraries are prewritten sections of code, which perform some functions that can be beneficial to a wide range of developers. The use of these libraries can greatly reduce development time of new programs and provide state-of-the-art functionality to existing programs. The majority of libraries are written in NPL Release IV by NPL developers.

Index of library products currently available:

Attention Developers:  Do you have a tool or product that other developers would find useful?
Please contact us!

Please Note: Unless otherwise indicated, Niakwa has not written or tested these products, and does not support them.
No warranties or guarantees are implied or expressed, except where the original developer chooses to do so.

The ASC System Support Toolkit
Associated Software Consultants

A powerful, stand-alone set of general purpose, load-and-go utilities created by Mike Liston of Associated Software Consultants, a premier provider of banking industry software.  It includes such functions as Compare Program Files and Search and Replace Program Text.  For more information see the April 1996 Today's Niakwa News.

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Software Systems Company

MRCLEAN automatically enhances existing NPL and BASIC-2C software to provide programs that are easier to read, smaller in size, and faster in overall performance.  Using MRCLEAN helps update legacy code and makes it easy to freely hire programmers familiar with QB, VB, and/or other BASIC languages.


Ever wonder about your Gold Key, but don't have it handy? This small, Niakwa written, NPL program displays the license information of any installed Revision 3.X or higher Niakwa Gold Key including NPL Revision, Number of Users, Platform, Product Number, and most importantly Serial Number!

For more information, visit the ShowNPL Page.

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