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M B # 77
Marketing Bulletin No. 77
June 24, 1996

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NPL Revision 4.21 Available Now!

Revision 4.21 is an update of the 4.20 Revision of NPL for all MS-DOS, 386/DOS-Extender, NetBIOS, NetWare and MS-Windows (including Windows 95 and NT) platforms.

The two KEY objectives we set out to accomplish with Revision 4.21 were:

a. To create an automated installation procedure for easy installation of Windows-based RunTimes

b. To allow user limit and other upgrades without the need for a RunTime exchange

NPL Revision 4.21 Features Summary

  • A:\SETUP Procedure (Windows versions)
  • “Pass Through” Printer Support for MS-Windows
  • New LIMITS Procedure for Increasing User Limits
  • New Startup Search Procedure
  • A:\UPGRADE (No Return Upgrade)
  • Mixed Network Support
  • Improved User Count Handling
  • Includes All Revision 4.20 Features

A:\SETUP Procedure (Windows versions)

A new automated installation routine is available by running A:\SETUP from MS-Windows. A series of input screens prompt you for the exact information required for a successful installation. In addition, the Windows install also provides the option to perform a Network or Workstation based install. Here is a preview of two of the new setup screens contained in this procedure.

RunTime Files Options
Instexe.jpg (21236 bytes)

Miscellaneous Files
Instmisc.jpg (16807 bytes)

A:\UPGRADE (No Return Upgrade) Procedure

The 4.21 No Return Upgrade updates your user’s site to a full 4.21 Gold Key, thereby replacing the user’s existing Gold Key. This feature eliminates the need to maintain the original Gold Key plus a separate upgrade diskette for future exchanges. Additional features are as follows:

  • The original serial and #GOLDKEY numbers are maintained from the previous version - preserving existing security codes tied into these numbers. This saves both time and money.
  • The No Return Upgrade procedure has been fully automated to simplify the process for Resellers installing the Gold Key at the customer site or by phone.
  • Users have a 30-Day window to access either the old or new version to insure a smooth transition to 4.21 with the new installation.
  • The 4.21 No Return Upgrade allows you to add Windows, 386/DOS-Extender (or both) to your existing Gold Key.

And the best news of all....

  • The 4.21 No Return Upgrade turns itself into your new Gold Key and deactivates the old Gold Key, meaning you no longer need to return the old Gold Key to Niakwa!

“Pass Through” Printer Support for MS-Windows

Revision 4.21 provides developers with “Pass Through” printing which allows control codes to be passed directly to a printer through MS-Windows. (No more “stripped” codes by the Windows Print Manager!) This new capability is implemented in the form of a new device clause option "XPA=Y" when combined with a printer driver in the device clause.

New Startup Search Procedure

If NIAKWA_RUNTIME is not set, NPL will now search for it's startup files in the directory that the RunTime was executed from. The path used is then stored by the RunTime in a new system variable, "$RUNDIR". This new startup behavior will, in most cases, eliminate the need for setting the NIAKWA_RUNTIME system variable.

Mixed Network Support

On networks that contain both Novell and non-Novell file servers, NPL will now attempt to determine whether a file request is directed at the Novell server so that (the more efficient) Novell locks are directed to a Novell server. Files on other servers will be locked using the more transportable (but less efficient) SHARE type locks.

Improved User Count Handling

Revision 4.21 of NPL has been updated to allow multiple Gold Keys to coexist on the same network. The RunTime will now maintain unique user counts for each Gold Key, thus eliminating past problems of user limit conflicts between Gold Keys.

New LIMITS Procedure for Increasing User Limits “in the Field”

Revision 4.21 of NPL allows developers to increase the RunTime user license in the field by performing a user limits upgrade. The process is similar to the popular RESET feature which was introduced in Revision 3.20 and allows the developer to add a higher user count to a current 4.21 RunTime license.

Also Included are all Revision 4.20 Features such as:

  • Support for Windows 95 and Windows NT
  • New Improved Niakwa Security (replacing former third party security scheme)

And more!


Revision 4.21 is FREE for those customers that already have 4.20 RunTimes and 4.xx Development packages.

Revision 4.21 is considered a standard replacement to current 4.x RunTimes, and a standard upgrade to current 3.x RunTimes.

Currently established new, upgrade, and replacement pricing will apply.


Revision 4.21 will be available June 28, 1996. It can be obtained in the following ways:

  • As a new RunTime and Development version replacing our current 4.20 version for new sales
  • As a FREE copyable update for current NPL 4.20 installations

Revision 4.20 RunTime and Development Packages can be easily updated by obtaining the new RunTime executables and development updates from Niakwa’s BBS (847-634-6227) or our Home Page on the World Wide Web:

If you have previously purchased a Release IV development package and have a current license, you will automatically receive a FREE Revision 4.21 development package update and addendum. This will also contain all Release Notes and Addenda since Release IV was introduced (in a soft copy format.) If you have previously licensed NDM Revision 1.20 and your license is current, you will also receive a FREE Revision 4.21 NDM executables update.

The update packages can also be obtained on diskette from Niakwa for a fee of $50 plus shipping. Please contact your authorized Niakwa Distributor.

  • As a newly enhanced “No Return Upgrade” which can be ordered for NPL Revisions 3.00 up through 4.10


Please find the following enclosures with this marketing bulletin:

  • 4.21 Product Reference Sheet: a handy reference guide to availability and procedures.
  • User Limit Increase Form: This form is to be used to increase the number of users on a Revision 4.21 or higher Gold Key.



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