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M B # 81
Marketing Bulletin No. 81
May 23, 1997

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NPL Revision 4.22 for Intel Unix/SCO XENIX

Niakwa is pleased to announce the release of Revision 4.22 for Niakwa Programming Language (NPL) for Intel Based UNIX / SCO Xenix operating environments. This release of Revision 4.22 presents many new and exciting features! Field Level Resets are now available for the first time on UNIX platforms, for RunTimes which have lost security, potentially eliminating the need for replacements. In addition, the new Universal Upgrade is now available for UNIX platforms, allowing you to upgrade customers without the need to return the old RunTime.


The Universal Upgrade Package for UNIX

The Universal Upgrade is quickly becoming a favorite with many NPL Supported DOS/Windows users and is now available for UNIX users, as well. It is a "one upgrade fits all" product which can be customized for the individual requirements by way of our new registration code. This upgrade package contains the NPL RunTime Replacement Gold Key Diskette, which inherits all of the characteristics of the original NPL Gold Key (i.e., keeps the same serial number and #GOLDKEY number.) Best of all, it deactivates the original NPL Gold Key, eliminating the need to return the older version RunTime back to Niakwa!

Once the Revision 4.22 NPL RunTime Replacement Gold Key Diskette is in place, customers can increase the user license by means of a registration code, without requiring a new Gold Key!

Features of all New & Upgrade Versions of Revision 4.22

  • NEW! CUT, COPY, PASTE & UNDO editor enhancements
  • NEW! Field Level Reset Capability
  • NEW! Universal Upgrades
  • NEW! User Level Upgrades in the field (LIMITS program)
  • NEW! Mouse support via SCO's "usemouse" keys
  • NEW! Improved /EXIT and /MAIN procedures
  • NEW! Improved remote terminal performance
  • NEW! SHOWNPL program for UNIX / Xenix

Field Level Reset

Field level resets will now be available for all Intel Unix / SCO Xenix Revision 4.22 RunTime Packages. In most cases, if the "install based NPL security" is lost from the hard drive, a special reset code can be obtained from Niakwa to re-enable the lost security. This feature is intended to dramatically reduce the number of physical RunTime replacements required.

SHOWNPL Program for UNIX / Xenix

To insure that accurate Gold Key information is provided to Niakwa for upgrade and replacement orders, we have created the SHOWNPL program so your end-user can provide this information to you at the time of the order. With the SHOWNPL program you can verify the NPL Revision, Number of Users, Platform, Product Number, and most importantly... Serial Number! This will reduce the chance of ordering and receiving the wrong product.

SHOWNPL consists of a copyable script file and NPL program. It can be found on every Revision 4.22 or higher RunTime, or downloaded from Niakwa's Home Page (,) or BBS (847-634-6227.) We encourage you to distribute it to any customers who have a Niakwa Gold Key.


No changes have been made to current pricing of new or upgrade RunTimes. However, there has been a change in the way UNIX upgrade products will be distributed.

For all future upgrades (revision level or adding users), Niakwa will ship the new NPL Universal Upgrade Package, exactly as we are currently doing for all MS-DOS and Windows platforms. It will now be a requirement that the Serial Number of the existing RunTime be provided at the time of the order. This is the only way Niakwa can issue an accurate registration number.

Standard NPL RunTime Package:

The standard Niakwa RunTime will continue to be shipped for all new orders and replacements of defective or damaged software.

NPL Universal Upgrade Package:

For all upgrade orders, the new NPL Universal Upgrade Package will be shipped along with a Certificate of License and Authenticity which provides the registration code needed to enable the NPL RunTime Replacement Gold Key Diskette. NOTE: For additional information see the enclosed NPL Release 4.22 Intel Unix / SCO Xenix Product Reference Sheet with the SHOWNPL instructions on the back!

Manuals and Development Updates:

Revision 4.22 for Intel Unix/SCO Xenix operating environments will require that you have the development manuals for Release IV and the associated platform specific supplements. If you have previously licensed Release IV for Unix/Xenix, the new Revision 4.22 addendum and development update files will be available free of charge from Niakwa's Home Page on the World Wide Web:, or from the Niakwa BBS at (847) 634-6227. To receive a full set of Release IV Unix / Xenix manuals, standard new and upgrade prices apply.

NOTE: If you have previously purchased a Release IV Intel Unix / Xenix Development Package and have an active Gold or International Distributor license, you will automatically receive this update by mail.


The beta period is now concluded. Final product release is targeted for early summer.

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