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M B # 84
Marketing Bulletin No. 84
December 5, 1997

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Niakwa is pleased to announce the completion of NPL Release IV for AIX based operating systems running on an IBM RS/6000. Now developers of AIX based systems can take advantage of the popular Release IV structured programming features such as:

  • NEW!   Modular development
  • NEW!    Function/procedure interface
  • NEW!    CUT, COPY, PASTE & UNDO commands
  • NEW!    Structured constructs
  • NEW!    Support of variables greater than 64K
  • NEW!    Long variable names

For more information on the benefits of these features, please see the Release IV data sheet, coming soon!

In addition to the significant programmer productivity gains which Release IV makes possible, the following features benefit both developers and end-users:

  • NEW!    Year 2000 support facility
  • NEW!    Field level reset capability
  • NEW!    User level upgrades in the field (LIMITS program)
  • NEW!    Universal Upgrades
  • NEW!   SHOWNPL program for RS/6000


NPL Year 2000 Support Facility

Niakwa has provided a Century Date FUNCTION in Release IV to assist developers in adapting their applications to handle turn of the millennium issues.

Field Level Reset Capability

For the first time, field level resets are available for all AIX RunTime Packages! If the "install based NPL security" is lost from the hard drive, a special reset code can be obtained from Niakwa to re-enable the security in most situations. This feature is intended to greatly reduce the number of physical RunTime replacements required.

User Level Upgrades in the Field (LIMITS program)

Another key feature gaining in popularity among NPL users is the ability to increase user counts in the field via a single activation code! The benefits are obvious with the elimination of the time and costs involved in a full RTP exchange. Standard user level breaks and pricing policies apply.

Universal Upgrades (No Return Required)

The highly successful 4.22 Universal Upgrade of DOS, Windows and Intel fame is now available for all AIX upgrades. This upgrade package contains the NPL RunTime Replacement Gold Key Diskette, which inherits all of the characteristics of the original NPL Gold Key (i.e. keeps the same serial number and #GOLDKEY numbers.) Best of all, it deactivates the original NPL Gold Key, eliminating the need to return the older version RunTime back to Niakwa.

SHOWNPL Program for RS/6000

To ensure accurate Gold Key information is provided to Niakwa for the new AIX Universal Upgrade, we have created another SHOWNPL program, so your end-user can provides this essential information to you at the time of the order. With the SHOWNPL program you can verify the NPL Revision, Number of Users, Platform, Product Number and most importantly... Serial Number!


New Purchases

Release IV of AIX will replace the previous Release III AIX versions. Release III of AIX will no longer be available for new sales. No changes have been made to current pricing of new AIX RunTimes.


For all Release III to Release IV upgrade orders, the new NPL Universal Upgrade Package will be shipped along with a Certificate of License and Authenticity, which provides the registration code needed to enable the NPL RunTime Replacement Gold Key Diskette. The serial number of the existing RunTime must be provided at the time of the order to ensure an accurate registration code is given. The standard upgrade fee of 15% of a new RunTime will apply. Upgrade Sheets are available upon request.

NOTE: For additional information refer to the AIX Product Reference Sheet with the SHOWNPL instructions on the back, included in this mailing.


Replacements of AIX RunTimes, Release III, will be honored for one year. As of January 1, 1999, an upgrade to the current version will be required.

Manual & Development Updates

Revision 4.22 for AIX operating environments requires the development manuals for Release IV (TRG) and the associated platform specific supplements. If you have previously purchased a Release IV TRG for another platform, you will only need to purchase the AIX Release IV Supplement, which contains the AIX development package and documentation.


Orders for Revision 4.22 are now being taken. The product number for AIX RunTime Packages is 030B-PLR.


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