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M B # 85
Marketing Bulletin No. 85
July 24, 1998

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Contract Programming

Niakwa is pleased to introduce our Resource Matching Program, a new service that will match NPL developers with end-users in need of programming and consultative services. The program is designed to provide NPL end-users with necessary expertise on a contract basis, while at the same time generating revenue for NPL VARs (Value Added Resellers).

The need for the program became apparent as NPL end-users began contacting Niakwa via the Internet, phone and fax in search of programming resources to enhance or maintain their software. The typical end-user that has contacted us has either developed their NPL software internally or has been abandoned by their original VAR.

As these "orphaned" end-users have contacted us and we have screened NPL programmers to meet their requirements, we developed a methodology that ensures successful placements. The end-user's needs are analyzed through interviews and application reviews and matched to appropriate NPL developers based upon applicable NPL knowledge, geography, availability, rates, and industry or application knowledge.

The initial placements were so successful that we have formalized the methodology thereby creating our Resource Matching Program. We intend to more aggressively pursue orphaned NPL end-users via a direct mail campaign. The enclosed direct mail pieces will be sent to orphaned end-users in the United States and Canada during the next few months. End-users will then be matched to qualified NPL VARs.

We have taken due diligence to ensure that only orphaned end-users will be included in the mailings. We apologize in advance if one of your customers slipped through. As a double check the first question we will ask end-users responding to the mailings is "Who currently supports your application?" Should one of your end-users happen to contact us, we will refer them back to you as we have always done.

The Resource Matching Program is one of those rare win-win-win programs. The end-user wins because he gets his work done, the NPL VAR wins because they pick up nice billable hours and Niakwa wins because we keep the community strong. The program is summarized in the enclosed Contract Programming data sheet. Please contact the sales department at (847) 265-7400 or if you are interested in providing services to end-users. Also, keep our The Resource Matching Program in mind if you or your end-users are in need of additional technical resources. Niakwa knows where the resources are and can match them to your specific needs.



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