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M B # 86
Marketing Bulletin No. 86
August 14, 1998

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Niakwa is pleased to introduce NPL Revision 4.3 for MS-DOS, 386/DOS-Extender, NetBIOS, NetWare and Windows (Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and NT) platforms. Revision 4.3 represents the latest version of 16-bit NPL.

A significant number of enhancements have been made to NPL 4.3 such as a series of new language statements including $LDATE for easier Year 2000 compliance, improved network security authentication and enhanced upgrade procedures.


NPL Revision 4.3 introduces these enhanced features:

  • Enhanced Boolean expressions allowed
  • Parentheses are now permitted to group logical conditions
  • Enhanced HALT key sequence in MS-Windows RunTime implemented
  • $DECLARE enhanced to allow /POINTER parameter
  • $OPTIONS byte 38 extended to allow for more selective enforcement of explicit variable declarations
  • LIST PUBLIC and LIST DIM statements extended
  • Improved Mixed Network Authentication implemented
  • Default NIAKNETW value changed
  • READ DC and LISTDC extended with new $LDATE restriction
  • MS-Windows A:\SETUP standardized for all RunTime platforms
  • Universal Upgrade enhancements


The following list of new features have been included from requests received from our Reseller base. We are sure you will find them useful.

  • NEW! COPYALL batch file introduced for MS-DOS and 386/DOS-Extender RunTime Installation
  • NEW! /C command line option implemented for Instant Vinny support
  • NEW! RAW.DRV printer driver introduced
  • NEW! $LDATE statement implemented to fulfill Year 2000 compliance by providing a long date format which includes the current century
  • NEW! DATA LOAD/SAVE BU statements implemented
  • NEW! REDIM statement implemented
  • NEW! LIST PROC statement implemented
  • NEW! Support for Btrieve Version 7


Release V Compendium - This user-friendly reference guide provides practical development material for both NPL 4.3 and NPL 5.0. It is a compilation of previous release notes and addenda in addition to listing new enhancements and syntax features. Topics previously found scattered across many manuals, such as Windows 95 configuration, are now logically grouped.


The following products will replace prior Revision 4.2 versions:

  • Revision 4.3 Development Package and Documentation
  • Revision 4.3 RunTime Package
  • Revision 4.3 Universal Upgrade Package
  • Revision 4.3 Demonstration Package

Revision 4.3 Development Package and Documentation - The Development Software Package for Rev. 4.3 can be purchased directly from Niakwa or a Niakwa Reseller. The primary documentation of 4.3 features and enhancements will be contained in the Release V Compendium. No changes have been made to the Release IV Supplement or to the Technical Reference Guide (TRG).

Revision 4.3 RunTime Package - All Rev 4.3 RunTime Packages now include files for all DOS/Windows/Pharlap platforms to accommodate future changes in functionality or user-levels via a registration code. The Rev 4.3 RunTime replaces the current Rev 4.22 RunTimes for these platforms.

Revision 4.3 Universal Upgrade Package - Rev 4.3 improves the upgrade procedure for all DOS/Windows platforms from either 3.x or 4.x to Revision 4.3. The Universal Upgrade is an easy-to-use upgrade that inherits the serial number of the existing Gold Key and does not require the return of the old Gold Key. Once the new NPL RunTime Replacement Gold Key Diskette is in place, future enhancements such as increasing the user license and adding NPL platforms can be done in place without requiring a new Gold Key. It is a registration-based upgrade which simplifies the order process.

Revision 4.3 Demonstration Package - There will not be a separate Revision 4.3 Demonstration Package, however the 16-bit Windows files are included in the Rev 5.0 Demonstration Package and will operate with 4.3 compliant code. The demonstration diskettes come unlabeled with space for a custom label and no start-up banners appear. A set of ten 1-user diskettes can be purchased with either 11 or 40 uses per diskette.


Price changes will be made to both new and upgrade products. Please refer to the new NPL price lists coming your way soon.


The beta test is now concluded. The final product is scheduled to be released in August, 1998. The final release date will be announced in a Niakwa On-Line News Brief.


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