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M B # 87
Marketing Bulletin No. 87
August 14, 1998

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NPL V introduces the much anticipated 32-bit Windows version of NPL and the Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This product is designed to operate specifically in Windows 95, Windows NT and now Windows 98. The Niakwa IDE also includes updated 32-bit Vinny, NDM and ODBC libraries for use with the new 32-bit Windows RunTime.


NPL V includes all of the new and enhanced features introduced in NPL Revision 4.3, in addition to these 32-bit specific enhancements:

  • Support for Windows 98
  • 32-bit Vinny 5.0 for use with VB 5.0
  • New 32-bit NDM Btrieve libraries
  • 32-bit NPL Gateway to ODBC
  • 32-bit Windows Demonstration diskettes
  • Support for variables larger than 64K
  • $DECLARE updated to support 32-bit calls from the new Windows 32-bit RunTime
  • Built in support for calls to 32-bit DLL's
  • Support in RTIWIN.INI optional sections specific to 16-bit or 32-bit Windows versions
  • Integrated 2227 communications support
  • 32-bit Windows BESDK
  • 16-bit development update


  • NEW! 32-Bit NPL
  • NEW! Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • NEW! Niakwa Workbench Editor
  • NEW! Support for Windows 98
  • NEW! Support for Windows Terminal Server (WTS)
  • NEW! Support for Btrieve Version 7

32-Bit NPL - Revision 5.0 introduces developers to a true 32-bit Windows RunTime and development product, providing the opportunity to take advantage of 32-bit features currently available in NPL and other third party 32-bit products.

Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - For NPL 5.0 we have combined the individual development software products NPL, Vinny, NDM and ODBC into one NPL V IDE on CD-ROM! All development updates now and ongoing will automatically be sent to all active Gold and International Resellers. The annual Reseller fee will be increased to accommodate this change.

The Niakwa IDE provides application developers with a complete set of 32-bit development tools, allowing you to remain competitive in today's world of evolving 32-bit environments.

Niakwa Workbench Editor - The focal point of the Niakwa IDE is the new Niakwa Workbench, a powerful editor/debugger that is a visual project management tool providing seamless access to Niakwa's 32-bit development tools. The Niakwa Workbench is the foundation upon which future development will be performed. A detailed discussion of all the Workbench features can be found in the new Niakwa Workbench Data Sheet.

The first Workbench component, the Editor, is included in NPL 5.0. The Debugger, which is currently in development, is an interactive monitoring and testing tool to optimize execution and performance of NPL applications developed within the Workbench Editor.

Support for Windows 98 - The NPL 5.0 32-bit Windows RunTime will be the only RunTime certified for Windows 98. Windows 95 and NT will also continue to be supported in NPL V.

Support for Windows Terminal Server (WTS) - This state-of-the art Windows terminal emulator product can be used to bring high-end Windows capability to low-end DOS or Windows users. In addition it provides an elegant solution for WAN environments and can provide low cost solutions for realizing today's high-end technology benefits. The NPL Revision 5.0 32-bit Windows RunTime will support the Windows Terminal Server.

Support for Btrieve Version 7 - Btrieve is now shipped as a standard part of Pervasive.SQL. Although the name has changed, the product bundles the same familiar Btrieve database product. We have tested NDM with the latest Btrieve Version 7 and found it to be fully compatible.


Release V Compendium - The Release V Compendium takes previous release notes and addenda and compiles them into a user-friendly reference guide. In addition, it documents new enhancements and syntax features which have been introduced since the last NPL release. One benefit this yields is that topics previously found scattered across many manuals, such as Windows 95 configuration, are now logically grouped. The Release V Compendium will be included on the new CD-ROM along with the other components of the Niakwa IDE.


Listed below are comments regarding the packaging and distribution of the various NPL components.

Revision 5.0 Niakwa Integrated Development Environment - Niakwa now combines the following development components onto one CD-ROM.

  • Niakwa Programming Language (NPL) - All NPL 4.3 and 5.0 new features and enhancements will be included.
  • Niakwa Visual Interface Manager (Vinny) - With the 32-bit version of Visual NPL you can use 32-bit Visual Basic (VB 5.0) along with a wealth of add-on 32-bit OCX controls.
  • Open Niakwa Data Manager (Open NDM) - Open NDM, which is currently in development, provides a graphical set of tools, allowing access to all NDM supported data bases. Additional enhancements will include support of ODBC and TCP/IP. NPL V currently includes a 32-bit version of NDM for Btrieve libraries. (Btrieve is now shipped with Pervasive.SQL Version 7.)
  • NPL Gateway to ODBC - The 32-bit version allows developers who are currently using the 16-bit version of the NPL Gateway to ODBC an easy migration path to 32-bit ODBC. Now 32-bit calls can be accessed for use with current programs.
  • Release V Compendium - This user-friendly reference guide compiles all of the features and enhancements made to the NPL product, including release notes and addenda.

Revision 5.0 RunTime Package - Release 5.0 introduces the 32-bit version of NPL for Windows and NetBIOS platforms.

Important Notes:

  1. Microsoft Windows 98 is tested and supported on the NPL Release V 32-bit Windows RunTime only. For more information refer to Niakwa's On-line News Brief No. 9 of July 1, 1998 "Windows 98 Support Clarification" or to the Release V Compendium.
  2. All workstations running an NPL Release V RunTime will require Novell NetWare 32-bit Client Software to operate correctly under Novell Networks. Currently the Microsoft supplied MS-Client for Novell NetWare does not fully support all of the NetWare API components required by NPL. Please consult your Novell Network Administrator to insure that an appropriate Novell supported 32-bit client is installed on each workstation that requires NPL.

Revision 5.0 Universal Upgrade Package - This is a separate product from the Universal Upgrade package for Rev 4.3. The Upgrade Package for Rev 5.0 can be used to upgrade any combination of DOS/Windows/Pharlap platforms from either Revision 3.x or 4.x to Revision 5.0.

The Universal Upgrade is an easy-to-use, registration-based upgrade that inherits the serial number of the existing Gold Key and does not require the return of the old Gold Key. The upgrade requires the use of SHOWNPL, which can be copied from any 4.2x or higher Gold Key diskette, in order to obtain the correct RunTime information.

Revision 5.0 Demonstration Package - This new demonstration package will contain both 32-bit and 16-bit NPL versions which can be accessed in any combination. The start-ups of either 11 uses or 40 uses per diskette will continue to function as it does now. The package of ten 1-user demonstration diskettes come unlabeled with room for a custom label, and no start-up banners appear.


Available now.  Released August 1998.



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