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M B # 88
Marketing Bulletin No. 88
December 2, 1998

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NPL Release IV for HP 9000

Another Niakwa RISC based platform is now available in NPL Release IV, the HP-UX operating system running on HP 9000 series hardware. Now developers of HP-UX based systems can take advantage of popular Release IV structured programming features such as:

  • NEW! Modular development
  • NEW! Function/procedure interface
  • NEW! CUT, COPY, PASTE & UNDO commands
  • NEW! Structured constructs
  • NEW! Support for variables greater than 64K
  • NEW! Long variable names
  • NEW! DATA LOAD/SAVE BU statements implemented
  • NEW! REDIM statement implemented
  • NEW! LIST PROC statement implemented

And all NPL Release IV developers have another platform option to offer potential customers. For more detailed information on the benefits of Release IV, please see the Release IV data sheet mailed earlier this year.


In addition to the already popular Release IV features noted above, NPL Revision 4.3 introduces these enhanced features:

  • Block indent and de-indent of selected edited text
  • Enhanced Boolean expressions allowed
  • Improved /EXIT and /MAIN procedures
  • Improved remote terminal performance
  • KEYIN extended to permit Labels as branch target
  • LIST DT command has been revised
  • LIST PUBLIC and LIST DIM statements extended
  • New Startup Search procedure
  • ON ERROR extended to permit statement labels as branch targets
  • $OPTIONS byte 38 extended to allow for more selective enforcement of explicit variable declarations
  • Parentheses are now permitted to group logical conditions

In addition to the significant programmer productivity gains which Release IV makes possible, the following features benefit both developers and end-users:


Year 2000 Ready

Revision 4.3 for the HP 9000 is Year 2000 ready. This is achieved through NPL's Century Date function, the $LDATE statement, extensions to READDC and LISTDC and more. See Niakwa's Year 2000 Readiness Statement for more details.

User Level Upgrades in the Field (LIMITS program)

Another key feature popular among NPL users is the ability to increase user counts in the field via a single activation code! The benefits are obvious with the elimination of the time and costs involved in a full RTP exchange. Standard user counts and pricing policies apply.

SHOWNPL Program for HP 9000

To ensure accurate Gold Key information is provided to Niakwa for upgrades on HP 9000 system, we have created another SHOWNPL program, so your end-user can provide this essential information to you at the time of the order. With the SHOWNPL program you can verify the NPL Revision, Number of Users, Platform, Product Number and most importantly ... Serial Number!


NPL Release 4.3 requires the HP-UX version 11.0 or greater. This NPL version has been significantly enhanced to take advantage of the performance gains offered in HP-UX 11.0. Contact your local authorized HP representative to obtain an update if required.


New Purchases

Release IV of NPL for the HP 9000 running HP-UX replaces the previous Release III HP 9000 versions. Release III for the HP 9000 will no longer be available for new sales. The Revision 4.3 HP-UX Development Package, Documentation and RunTime Package (on 4mm tape) will replace prior Revision 3.2 versions. Please refer to the Quick Price Sheet, Group 5, for current pricing.

Upgrades & Replacements

When you place your order for an upgrade from Release III to Release IV, a new RunTime package will be shipped to replace the old one. The Revision 3.20 Gold Key serial number and system serial number are required at the time of the upgrade order. Since the registration number for the HP 9000 is based on the system serial number, the system serial number should not change. Upon successful installation of the Release IV tape, the old HP 9000 tape should be promptly returned to Niakwa. There should not be a need for a replacement unless the original HP 9000 tape is damaged in shipment. Standard upgrade and replacement pricing applies.

Manual & Development Updates

Revision 4.30 for the HP 9000 requires that the distributor have the development manuals from the Release IV Technical Reference Guide (TRG) and the HP-UX Supplement, which contains the HP-UX development package and documentation. If you have previously purchased a Release IV TRG, which includes the Programmers and Statements Guides, for another platform, you will only need to purchase the HP-UX Supplement.


Revision 4.3 for the HP 9000 is now available. The product number for the HP 9000 RunTime Package is 031X-PLR-xx-90 (xx = number of users). SHOWNPL can be downloaded free from

To contact us via Internet, our address is


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