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M B # 91

Marketing Bulletin No. 91
August 5, 1999

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NPL Release V for SCO Unix

Niakwa is happy to announce NPL V for SCO Unix and Open NDM V for SCO Unix, and their availability as part of the Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The SCO Unix Revision 5.01 Development Software will be added to the other Release V products currently on the IDE. See Marketing Bulletin #92 for more information on the 5.01 IDE.

NPL 5.01

Data Manager

Interface Manager


SCO UNIX IDESCO UNIX IDE Preliminary Support for Novell NetWare 5.0

Note: NPL 5.01 is certified for SCO OpenServer Unix. SCO UnixWare 7 certification was under investigation at press time. Please contact your authorized Niakwa representative for more current information.

NPL Release V for SCO Unix includes all of the new and enhanced features introduced in NPL Revision 4.3 and 5.0, documented in the NPL Release V Compendium, as they pertain to the SCO Unix environment.


NPL Revision 5.01 for SCO Unix includes all of the features in Revision 4.22 with the addition of these enhancements:

  • Improved Universal Upgrade
  • Improved File Access Performance Across NFS
  • Updated Open NDM C-ISAM Libraries and Utilities for SCO Unix and Windows
  • Enhanced Boolean expressions allowed
  • Parentheses are now permitted to group logical conditions
  • $OPTIONS byte 38 extended to allow for more selective enforcement of explicit variable declarations
  • LIST PUBLIC and LIST DIM statements extended
  • READDC and LISTDC extended with new $LDATE
  • Default $DEVICE entries extended to 255
  • KEYIN extended to permit Labels as branch targets
  • ON ERROR extended to permit Labels as branch targets


The following list of new features have been included based on requests received from our reseller base:

NEW! Year 2000 Readiness
NEW! Open NDM for TCP/IP
NEW! DATA LOAD/SAVE BU statements implemented
NEW! $LDATE statement implemented
NEW! $IMAGEF and $IMAGEL statements implemented
NEW! Commands for working with Data Streams
NEW! REDIM statement implemented
NEW! LIST PROC statement implemented

Year 2000 Readiness - NPL Revision 5.0 has been extended to include a long date statement to allow for retrieval of the full 4-digit year from the host operating system (first two digits representing century and second two digits representing the year within the century).

Open NDM for TCP/IP - Our new Open NDM for TCP/IP feature allows the developer to deploy and access SCO Unix based C-ISAM files directly from an NPL Windows RunTime, thus providing an alternative to accessing your Unix based C-ISAM database from a Windows environment other than terminal emulation products.

DATA LOAD/SAVE BU Statements Implemented - Used to load raw, unformatted contents of a specified file at a byte-address into a specified alpha-variable.

$LDATE Statement - This statement helps you to fulfill Year 2000 Readiness by providing a long date format which includes the current century.

$IMAGEF and $IMAGEL Statements - This string allows the retrieval of image statements (preceded by a % sign) within a program.

Streaming Data – Support has been added for handling "streaming data" using the more traditional OPEN, CLOSE, READ, WRITE and SEEK commands as an alternative to using the $GIO command set.

REDIM Statement Implemented - This allows you to redimension the specified array or static variable according to the specified array dimension and string length parameters.

LIST PROC Statement Implemented - This command produces a listing of all FUNCTIONs and PROCEDUREs referenced by the program in the current LIST module, and on which program lines they are referenced.


One of the great successes of NPL V was the introduction of the NPL Release V Compendium. This document was designed as a comprehensive reference for all past Release IV and new Release V documentation updates, thus eliminating numerous addendum and Release notes published over the last five years. The Release V Compendium was shipped with the original Release V IDE.

To supplement the Compendium, NPL Release V for SCO Unix will ship with the following additional documents:

NPL Revision 5.01 Addendum for SCO Unix - This update addresses all NPL V for SCO Unix specific features in addition to any enhancements introduced as part of the NPL 5.01 release.

Open NDM for TCP/IP Release Notes - This is supplementary to the standard NDM Programmer’s Guide and NDM for C-ISAM Supplement. These release notes provide a product overview of NDM for TCP/IP as well as complete installation instructions for this exciting new product.


A new edition of the Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will be issued for NPL 5.01. We have added the SCO Unix development software to our existing NPL V IDE on CD-ROM. Development updates will continue to be automatically sent to all annually renewing Resellers. See Marketing Bulletin #92 for more details.

Please note: Resellers who use C-ISAM must re-link their "rtic" executable using the new 5.01 BESDK. Please remember that Niakwa cannot legally link and distribute this file - resellers must do it themselves. (On the plus side, it isn't difficult, and we can also talk you through it.) The BESDK will be on the 5.01 IDE CD-ROM, but can be obtained immediately by contacting

Additional copies of the IDE CD-ROM can be purchased separately.


New Purchases

Release V of SCO Unix will replace the previous Release IV SCO Unix versions as of January 1, 2000. At that time, Release IV of SCO Unix will no longer be available for new sales. No changes have been made to current pricing of new SCO Unix RunTimes.


For all Release IV to Release V upgrade orders, the NPL Universal Upgrade package will be shipped along with a Certificate of License and Authenticity, which provides an easy-to-use, registration-based upgrade that inherits the serial number of the existing Gold Key and does not require the return of the old Gold Key. The upgrade requires the use of SHOWNPL, which can be copied from any 4.2x or higher Gold Key diskette or downloaded from Niakwa’s website,, in order to obtain the correct RunTime information. Standard upgrade pricing applies. Release V of SCO Unix will replace the previous Release IV SCO Unix versions for all upgrades as of January 1, 2000.


Replacements of SCO Unix RunTimes, Release IV, will be provided through March 31, 2000. At that time an upgrade to the current version will be required.


Current new, upgrade and replacement policies apply. Please refer to your NPL price list.


The final runtime product was made available June 30, 1999.


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