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M B # 92

Marketing Bulletin No. 92
August 5, 1999

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NPL Revision 5.01 IDE

The second release of the Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has now taken form in the new Revision 5.01 CD-ROM. Included in this release are all of the products currently in the Revision 5.0 IDE as well as the addition of NPL V for SCO Unix and NDM for TCP/IP.


The NPL Revision 5.01 IDE includes all of the features in Revision 5.0 with the addition of the following:

NEW!  NPL V for SCO Unix Development Software
NEW!  Open NDM for TCP/IP
NEW!  On-Line NPL Revision 5.01 Addendum for SCO Unix
NEW!  On-Line Open NDM for TCP/IP Release Notes
NEW!  5.01 Windows Maintenance Release
NEW!  5.1 Beta (partial)

NPL V for SCO-Unix - NPL Release V for SCO Unix includes all of the new and enhanced features introduced in the combined Revisions 4.3 and 5.0 as they pertain to the Unix environment. See Marketing Bulletin #91 for more complete information.

Open NDM for TCP/IP - Our new Open NDM for TCP/IP features allows the developer to deploy and access SCO Unix based C-ISAM files directly from an NPL Windows RunTime, and thus eliminates the need for other terminal emulation products.

On-Line NPL Revision 5.01 Addendum for SCO Unix - This update addresses all NPL V for SCO Unix specific features in addition to any enhancements introduced as part of the NPL 5.01 release. It is a supplement to the original NPL Release V Compendium sent out in the fall of 1998.

On-Line Open NDM for TCP/IP Release Notes - This is supplementary to the standard NDM Programmer’s Guide and NDM for C-ISAM Supplement. These release notes provide a product overview of Open NDM for TCP/IP as well as complete installation instructions for this exciting new product.

Revision 5.01 Windows Maintenance Release - These updated RunTime executable files include bug fixes and preliminary support for Novell NetWare 5 using the IP Only option. These executables are for developer use only – any use at customer sites is at your own risk until final support is implemented in Revision 5.1.

Revision 5.1 Beta - Beta test versions of the following 5.1 products are included:

  • Open NDM for SQL
  • On-Line Open NDM Documentation
  • On-Line Statements Manual
  • On-Line Visual Interface Manager (Vinny) Guide
  • Novell NetWare Network Enhancements (IP Only Support)

Beta test versions of these additional 5.1 products will be available soon:

  • Workbench Debugger
  • Open NDM Visual Utilities
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Windows NT Network Enhancements (IP Only Support)


The NPL Revision 5.01 IDE will ship with the following hard copy versions of the following two documents:

  • NPL Revision 5.01 Addendum for SCO Unix
  • Open NDM for TCP/IP Release Notes


Revision 5.01 Niakwa Integrated Development Environment - Niakwa now combines the following development components onto one CD-ROM:

Niakwa Programming Language (NPL) - All NPL 4.3 and 5.0 Windows files are included.

NPL V for SCO Unix - All NPL 5.01 for SCO Unix Development Software files are included.

Niakwa Workbench Editor - The Niakwa Workbench Editor is a visual project management tool that provides seamless access to Niakwa’s 32-bit development tools.

Niakwa Visual Interface Manager (Vinny) - With the 32-bit version of Visual NPL you can use 32-bit Visual Basic (VB 5.0 or 6.0) along with a wealth of add-on 32-bit OCX controls.

Open Niakwa Data Manager (Open NDM) - Included will be the following 32-bit versions:

  • Open NDM for SQL
  • Open NDM for Btrieve
  • Open NDM for C-ISAM
  • Open NDM for TCP/IP

Scientific and Communication Drivers (SCD) - A series of specialized tools, perhaps the most beneficial of which is the 2227 Communications driver, which provides native Windows support for interfacing with common serial I/O devices. In NPL Release V, the functionality of the 2227 driver is built in to the NPL 32-bit Windows RunTime and is automatically invoked through the MXE=Y device clause, while the Release IV SCD is on the IDE.

NPL Gateway to ODBC - This 32-bit version allows developers to make ODBC calls directly from within NPL.

NPL Revision 5.1 Beta - Some portions of the 5.1 Beta will be included as available.


The IDE is automatically shipped free of charge to all currently renewed Resellers. Additional copies can be purchased separately.


The final product is being shipped to all renewed resellers in August.


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