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M B # 94

Marketing Bulletin No. 94
February 28, 2002

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NPL Revision 5.10

This third release of the Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has now taken shape in the new Revision 5.10 CD-ROM & 5.10 RunTime Package.

Sections in this Marketing Bulletin include:


The NPL Revision 5.10 RunTime includes:

  • NEW!   32-bit Set-up Routine Enhancements
  • NEW!  32-bit Installation Routines for Windows Platforms
  • NEW!   Support for IP Only Installations with no NetBIOS requirement
  • NEW!   Modern packaging on CD-ROM format with 1 security Gold Key
  • NEW!   Universal upgrade now can be done with the existing Gold Key

32-bit Set-Up Routine Enhancements

Now there is a single setup routine, which will install NPL in two different ways:

  • The new NPLSecure, or Protocol Independence – IP Only method for use in networks with a Windows NT or Windows 2000 server available to act as a security server
  • The traditional method for use in networks, which will use a Novell server or a peer-to-peer (NetBIOS), network member as the security server.

Under the new NPLSecure option, the RunTime will no longer require the 5 to 8 second pause upon startup that is necessary to install in a NetBIOS environment.

32-bit Installation Routines for Windows Platforms

The new 32-bit installation routines are faster, more reliable, and ensure compatibility with newer operating systems.  With these improvements, the RunTime has a “snappier” more modern feel to the user, as well as allowing for more flexibility in network design.  Workstation installation is performed from the same setup program as the server.

Support for IP Only Installations with no NetBEUI requirement

Some end users will not allow NetBIOS to be installed either because of the effort involved, or the feeling that NetBIOS is old technology.  With the removal of this requirement, reseller sales can be positively affected!

Modern packaging on CD-ROM format with one security Gold Key

Now the RunTime will be repackaged in a CD-ROM package, which also contains one security Gold Key.  The Installation Guide will now be contained in electronic format on a version 5.10 CD-ROM, along with the all of the non-secured files associated with the RunTime Package.  This will make the package more stable and less prone to damage. 

Universal upgrade now can be done with the existing Gold Key

Due to the new security files, the Universal Upgrade files are also contained on the RunTime CD-ROM.  No longer will a (blue) Replacement Gold Key be required.  All that is required from Niakwa is the Upgrade code to complete an upgrade to a higher revision level.


Included in this release are all of the Release V development components included to-date in the IDE, along with the new changes specific to Revision 5.10.

The NPL Revision 5.10 IDE Updates includes:

  • Version 5.10.3 of the Niakwa Workbench
  • The latest version of the much praised Win-32 Print Library
  • Final cut for Open NDM for SQL
  • Programming enhancements
  • Bug corrections

Version 5.10.3 of the Niakwa Workbench (also available from our web site)

This Workbench version, 5.10.3, contains character translation enhancements along with other minor additions and bug corrections. The Niakwa Workbench is an excellent visual programming environment, and excellent for working between multiple programs, multiple programmers, and for newer NPL Windows programmers.

The latest version of the much praised Win-32 Print Library

Numerous developers have informed us that incorporation of this library has solved most if not all of their Windows printing issues in NPL. This product allows direct access and true graphic printing through the Windows GDI interface.

Final cut for Open NDM for SQL

Included will be the following 32-bit versions:

  • Open NDM for SQL (for ODBC access to MS-Access, SQL Server, Oracle 8, Pervasive SQL, Pervasive Btrieve, and other ODBC compliant databases)

  • Open NDM for Btrieve

  • Open NDM for C-ISAM

  • Open NDM for TCP/IP

Programming enhancements

  • File "opens" are now faster. Previously all device types were queried to determine if they were redirected. Now only LPTx file names are polled for this status.

  • Better support where the security location designated by NIAKWA_RUNTIME is on a network share, and not on a mapped drive.

  • On Windows terminal servers, the default partition numbers for all sessions are now unique.

  • LIST DT now accepts keyword modifiers. The following keywords are supported:
    LIST DT {SELECT} {FILE} {DEVICE} {PROGRAM} {INCLUDE} {TRACE} {STEP} {STOP}. If no keyword is specified, all sections of the LIST DT display.

Bug corrections affecting the following commands:

  • $OPEN and MOVE END

  • LIST T

  • Error Pointer correction


Revision 5.10 Niakwa Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Release 5.10 will replace the existing version 5.01 IDE, and will no longer include a Release 4.3 directory of files for 16-bit support. Release 5.1 for Windows will be a purely 32-bit product, as it was designed to be.

A new IDE CD-ROM will automatically be sent to all renewed (Gold) resellers at no charge following the final release date. An IDE CD-ROM can also be purchased separately by non-renewed resellers and end-user developers.

Revision 5.10 RunTime Package

Revision 5.10 will replace the existing version 5.01 RunTime Package, and will be available for new and universal upgrade orders. Standard upgrade rates apply (30% of new pricing for 4.x to 5.x); for replacements &/or updates from 5.01 to 5.10, the new replacement fee will apply.

For specific pricing, please contact your authorized Niakwa reseller.

Phasing out of 16-bit NPL

Increasingly, we find that many technical support problems are alleviated by upgrading to NPL V, so in the interest of better operation and less technical problems, we will be phasing out all non-32-bit versions for DOS/Windows (DOS/Windows versions prior to NPL V), as well as 386 DOS/Extender versions.

  • Revisions 3.x or less are no longer eligible for upgrade, and will require purchase of a new Gold Key at full price. (Release IV has been available since 1993!)

  • Revision 4.3 DOS, Windows, and 386 DOS/Extender will no longer be available for new or upgrade purchase three (3) months following final release of 5.10.

  • Replacement of revisions 4.x will be honored for six (6) months following the Release of 5.10. After that time an upgrade to version 5.10 will be required.


Product availability is anticipated for March 15, 2002, and final availability will be confirmed in an On-Line News broadcast message.


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