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M B # 95

Marketing Bulletin No. 95
January 7,2010

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NPL Revision 6.00 for Windows

The sixth revision of the Niakwa Runtime Environment has now taken shape in the new Revision 6.00 RunTime Package for Windows.  By popular request, it is diskette free!


The NPL Revision 6.00 RunTime includes:

  • NEW!  Diskette free Security
  • NEW!  Simplified Setup Routines for Windows Platforms
  • NEW!  Support for IP Only Installations with no NetBIOS requirement
  • NEW!  Electronic Delivery
  • NEW!  Upgrade existing Gold Key to License File
  • NEW!  Enhancements improve compatibility with latest Windows operating systems

Diskette free Security

The Gold Key Diskettes have been replaced with an encrypted license file that ties the runtime to the specific computer its installed on.  With this new security, the runtime is less prone to being accidentally disabled by moving the directory.  Being diskette free, there are no more concerns with storing or finding the Gold Key diskette or special ordering a machine with a floppy drive.

Simplified Setup Routines for Windows Platforms

The new installation routine is compatible with newer Windows operating systems.  Workstation installation is performed from the same setup program as the server.

Support for IP Only Installations with no NetBIOS requirement

Some end users will not allow NetBIOS to be installed either because of the effort involved, or the feeling that NetBIOS is old technology.  With the removal of this requirement, reseller sales can be positively affected!

Electronic Delivery

The NPL 6 runtime installation file is downloaded from the Niakwa web site.  The NPL License file can be delivered to the customer via email.  No long delays for delivery.  No additional shipping fees.

Upgrade existing Gold Keys to License File

The new security allows for a "Universal upgrade" that replaces the existing runtime with a new NPL 6 runtime while retaining the serial number and #Goldkey value of the original Gold Key diskette.

Enhancements improve compatibility with later Windows operating systems

Windows Vista and newer Windows versions will not allow a regular user to write to the RTIWIN.INI file located in the Windows directory.  New /R start up parameter defines where RTIWIN.INI is located.  New default fonts are compatible with the latest Windows operating systems.

Revision 6.00 RunTime Package

Revision 6.00 is available for new and upgrade orders.  The existing version 5.10 RunTime Package will remain available for new and replacement orders until further notice.

For specific pricing, please contact your authorized Niakwa reseller.


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