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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 3 No. 17 Community News & Information October 12, 1999

In this Issue:


We celebrate another NPL milestone as we pass the 15 year anniversary of the Niakwa Programming Language. Back on October 10th of 1984 we introduced our first release for single user PCs only. At that time it came in only one "flavor" - for the Wang PC, supported only single users, and even had a different name, "Basic-2C."

Now "NPL" comes in a wide array of platforms and user limits ranging from the basic 1-User MS-DOS (still selling), through the full spectrum of Windows platforms (3.11, 95, 98, NT) and beyond to the various UNIX platforms (SCO, HP 9000, SUN, AIX), and supporting users
all the way up to 512 and beyond.

Since our last birthday, we have entered a new stage where the majority of NPL platforms and development products are fully 32-bit compatible. Our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been extremely popular and we are close to finalizing the next update to the IDE which will continue to put more development power and options into the hands of NPL developers.

We continue to expand our vision to include the latest technologies such as IP support, Open Data solutions, more and easier GUI tools, and even distribution via the Internet. You'll be hearing more about our many short and long term plans as we bring these solutions to market.

Meanwhile, we feel good about where we have arrived: last year was the best NPL sales year in the past four years, with this year on pace to exceed last year, and our relationships with the NPL community are very positive.

Our birthday wish is that Niakwa's software and services continue to bring you expanding possibilities for success in the new millennium.


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