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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 3 No. 19 Community News & Information October 19, 1999

In this Issue:



NPL 5.01 is our first release of NPL V for SCO Unix and NDM V for SCO Unix, and contains updates for other NPL V platforms.

While the NPL V SCO Unix RunTime Package is now shipping, we ran into some minor glitches in the final stages of the associated 5.01 IDE, along with the NPL Division Bug below, which has delayed our release of that portion of the product.

The Revision 5.01 IDE CD-ROM will be shipping soon at no charge to all renewed resellers when ready, and announced in an On-Line News at that time.

We appreciate your patience.


The Division Error and the Affected RunTime Versions

A problem has recently been detected in NPL regarding division operations. Specifically, when dividing two numbers NPL may, under certain obscure circumstances, compute an incorrect result. While the vast majority of installations will never encounter this problem, Niakwa has written Technical Note Number 91 to inform you more completely, and is providing corrected versions of NPL.

Following is an excerpt from Technical Note Number 91:

"Niakwa has tested and confirmed the error in the following versions of the RunTime:

* 32-Bit Windows - Revision 5.00.09 (8/98)
* SCO UNIX - Revision 5.01.03 (6/99)
* AIX UNIX - All Revisions
* HP - All Revisions
* Sun - All Revisions
* VMS - Revision 3.2 and later

The 16-bit DOS/Windows RunTimes were tested and found exempt from the bug. The bug is also absent from the Release III and Release IV SCO UNIX RunTimes. The error may potentially occur in additional, untested versions of the RunTime. "

Niakwa will be producing a new version of the Gold Key for the releases mentioned to provide an immediate correction to the Division Error problem.

The purpose of this notice is to give you adequate time to test the new revisions with your application before the new production release for Windows and SCO-Unix begins shipping on November 15, 1999.

Existing Windows Revision 5.00.09 and SCO Unix Revision 5.01.03 Gold Keys can be updated now by applying the maintenance release currently available from our web site. These changes will become a standard part of our Windows and SCO-Unix products as of November 15, 1999.  Updates for AIX, Sun and HP will be forthcoming and announced in a future on-line news.

NOTE: Effective November 15th, we will ship Revision 5.01.07 for all Release V Windows orders and Revision 5.01.11 for all Release V SCO Unix orders. At that time Revision 5.00.09 for Windows and Revision 5.01.03 for SCO Unix will no longer be available. This pertains to all purchases, new, upgrade or replacements.

For more information on when the problem can occur, and for instructions on how to download the Maintenance Revisions, see the complete Division Bug Technical Note Number 91 at our website, at


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