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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 3 No. 7 Community News & Information  April 15, 1999

In this Issue:


While we wrap up the final pieces of NPL Revision 5.01 for SCO-Unix, with updates to Windows platforms and support for NDM TCP/IP, we are also approaching the Beta test period for the next development update, Revision 5.1.

5.1 is an exciting release, because it includes the following products which are in various stages of completion:

* Niakwa Workbench Debugger - This is the product you've all been waiting for to simplify and speed up new application development and enhancements. It contains all of the features you would expect in a Debugger, and is tightly integrated with NPL. This is a product we will continue to enhance as we integrate the various development components of NPL into it, such as the Data Manager and Visual NPL.

* Open NDM - We are now integrating the following five data bases into the Niakwa Data Manager to make them easily accessible to all NPL developers:
- Microsoft Access   
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Oracle 8
- Pervasive SQL
- Pervasive Btrieve

These five databases represent the most often requested and used databases among our customer base. More databases may be added at a later time based on compatibility testing and market demand.

* Open NDM Visual Utilities (formerly Visual NDM). We have completed the integration of the NDM utilities into the Niakwa Workbench making it easy to handle all NDM coding work directly from the Niakwa Workbench... another time saving advancement to help you get your products to market faster!

* In addition to all of the above, we are making significant strides by providing context sensitive help files within the Workbench, as well as making the NPL Statements Manual and Visual NPL manuals directly accessible from the Workbench.

* The final item we are currently researching came about recently due to a customer request: adding IP only Networking using NT (and not requiring NetBIOS or NetBEUI). The overwhelmingly positive response we got from our NPL List query told us this would be a much welcomed addition. Because this was not in our initial plans, we have some catch-up work to do in order to make it happen in this release. We will let you know when we can confirm if it will be in 5.1.

It is our goal to have a Beta Test version of many of the NPL 5.1 components available on the same IDE CD-ROM as the 5.01 final release, which is expected to ship late in the 2nd quarter of this year.

We hope you find this news encouraging, and we will keep you posted as we near the release dates.


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