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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 4 No. 1 Community News & Information January 24, 2000

In this Issue:



I'm Brad Andrysiak, Niakwa's new General Service Manager. I started, officially, in my new position on December 1, 1999 (that was a pretty good birthday present for me!). Prior to this, I've been with Niakwa for approximately two and a half years working as a Senior Programmer/Analyst. Recently, I converted our Speed/TOM accounting/order entry system to FourD/System V. In case you are unfamiliar with these products, they are applications that are written and sold by Northwest Source Group and are written with, what else, NPL.

I've been in the IT industry now for 20 years. During most of that time, I have been an application developer working with many different programming languages and development environments (not to mention an array of data/file management systems). And for about 5 of those years, I was a Support Representative, responsible for directly supporting approximately 50 Midwest customers.

I feel that my extensive experience in the IT industry, the many years I've worked supporting customers, my education, my skill level and my strong work ethic will help me guide our support department to serve you better. Please give me a call (ext. 113) or send me a note ( if you have any support issues that you would like to discuss.

Some of you have already had the pleasure of working with another new Niakwa employee, Terri Schroeder. Terri has been a support technician now for 3 months and is doing a great job. She comes to Niakwa with six years of application programming experience. Terri received her bachelors degree from Loyola University in Chicago and she has also attended graduate school courses at Indiana University.

I'm pleased to inform you that we have recently hired another support technician, Oleg Vakhovskiy. Oleg hails from the former Soviet Union where he taught C/UNIX for 3 years as well as worked as a Systems Engineer for 1.5 years. He also has an extensive background as a PC technician. Oleg will soon be handling some support calls and we're sure that he will do a great job.

Terri and Oleg join our existing technical staff. We all look forward to helping you with whatever support issues may arise.


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