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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 4 No. 15 Community News & Information July 25, 2000

In this Issue:



The 5.10 IDE Beta CD-ROM, containing the much anticipated Workbench Debugger, has been shipped out. Shipping began July 13, 2000, so by now all renewed resellers should have received it.

This exciting Beta release contains:

  • The new Workbench Debugger, a highly effective graphical environment for application development. Associated with the Workbench is the new On-Line Documentation, a help-based version of the Statements Guide, Programmer's Guide, and more.
  • The new Win32 Print Library, which will help solve some of those troublesome Windows printing issues, along with allowing true graphic printing through the Windows GDI interface.
  • The previously released Open NDM for SQL Beta, allowing access to SQL databases such as Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and Pervasive.SQL.
  • Maintenance updates to various platforms, and instructions for support of the Euro symbol.

The 5.10 IDE Beta files have also been uploaded to the Gold area of the Niakwa website and are available NOW. The Gold area can be found in the NPL Downloads section of

If you are not a renewed reseller, and would like to be, please contact today!


Not long ago, we received a few requests to port our Open NDM product on UNIX so that it worked with Oracle.

We have researched this project and developed a preliminary specification.  Some details: This solution would not involve Windows or ODBC in any way, but rather would be purely UNIX, much as NDM is with C- ISAM.  This solution would run only with the Release V RunTime.  The primary platform we would make it available under would be SCO UnixWare (not OpenServer, as Oracle 8 does not run on Open Server.  We will soon be offering UnixWare support with NPL.) Other platforms may be considered, depending on demand.

We need your help to determine the interest level for this product.  Would your company use this product?  In how many installations?

Would this product improve your business?  Would this product help you sell more NPL RunTimes?

Please send your input to   Thank you.


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