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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 4 No. 18 Community News & Information September 22, 2000

In this Issue:


This past July all Niakwa Gold Resellers received the latest version 5.10 IDE Beta CD-ROM, containing the introductory Beta version of the Niakwa Workbench Debugger and the new Win 32 Print Library drivers.

As with most Beta versions, we included a "Drop Dead" date as a safety precaution to insure this initial version would not live on into perpetuity should any major problems arise.

Happily, while developers have identified a few bugs on the Debugger version, we have not had any major problems reported which might require us to immediately replace or limit use of the product. In fact, we would like to keep this Beta version in the field for a longer period so that more developers have a chance to work with it, benefit from it, and report any bugs.

In addition, we would welcome any additional feedback from any developers using this product, whether bugs, suggestions, or simply how it is saving you development time.

The current expiration date on the 5.10.1 Workbench Debugger is September 30, 2000. Since we feel more confident about the product stability, we are putting out the next Debugger version without an expiration date so that the product can continue to be used until such time as an enhanced version is issued. There's no reason that the Debugger Beta version can't be used now as you would a Final product, since this is a "developer tool" and does not end up at a live end-user site.

All renewed Resellers can access the Gold Area of the website to download the latest Debugger version:

Please note, the only changes to this version 5.10.2 from 5.10.1 are the removal of the expiration date, and a minor correction to the on-line documentation (the index is now sorted correctly). All other bug reports are being collected so that the bugs and suggested changes can be evaluated and addressed at one time.

For non-Gold Resellers, the Workbench Debugger Beta can be obtained by renewing as a Gold reseller, or as a separate purchase. Please contact for additional details.

Special note: the Gold Area also contains other goodies, such as Open NDM for SQL, the Win32 Print Library, and instructions for implementing the Euro symbol.


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