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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 4 No. 2 Community News & Information February 17, 2000

In this Issue:

* Niakwa Supports Windows 2000!

Today Microsoft officially releases the latest version of Windows, Windows 2000, and today Niakwa announces it officially supports Windows 2000!

We tested both Windows 2000 Professional version and Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server. Our most rigorous testing was performed in maintenance release version 5.01.17. However, rudimentary tests were also performed on field release versions 5.01.07 and 5.00.09 with no apparent differences. As you might expect, there are a few areas where specific behavior should be noted:

In a networked environment, RunTime user counting & user limit checking requires the use of "NetBEUI" in networks that don't have a router(s), or the use of "NetBIOS over TCP/IP" since Windows 2000 doesn't seem to offer "NetBIOS over IPX/SPX." Additionally, Microsoft's "Client Service for Netware" does not work and Novell does not appear to have a Client for Windows 2000. When Novell releases a Windows 2000 compliant version, we will test it and update you on our findings.

The $USER statement operates properly on the 16-bit RunTime, but on the 32-bit RunTime it always reports 4,294,967,295 users logged into the specified application. The same results have been reported on Windows 98. The $USER statement problem is also present in other NT versions of NPL. This problem and any other minor variances will be fixed in future maintenance releases, but they do not warrant a special Windows 2000 specific maintenance release.

NPL Set-up installation, security recall, and security reinstall take longer as noted below.

The final step of the NPL installation process, where it installs the security fingerprint, takes approximately three minutes. During this time the NPL Set-up window stays on the screen and the floppy drive light indicates that it's busy.

Installing/recalling security can take three to six minutes. During this time there is NO indication on the screen that anything is running or that the user should wait; the only indication that it's not finished is that the floppy drive light is on. When it is done, a "succeeded" dialogue box is displayed.

The good news for everyone is that Windows 2000 will be supported with all NPL Release V versions! If you do experience minor problems on a field release version (5.00.09 or 5.01.07) other than those noted above, we suggest that you download maintenance release 5.01.17 from our web site If the problems persist with this revision, please report the problem to Niakwa. As we become aware of any other nuances that you should be made aware of, we will notify you immediately.


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