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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 4 No. 3 Community News & Information March 7, 2000

In this Issue:


A few months ago we introduced you to N-server, a Niakwa sponsored web hosting service for NPL applications. As you may recall, web hosting is the exciting internet technology that allows end-users to pay an Application Service Provider (ASP) a fee for the use of application software on-line. Web hosting marries service bureau processing with the internet.

Web Hosting offers end-users the advantages of using powerful application software such as NPL based applications without the overhead of operating an in-house system. When outsourcing to an ASP such as N-Server, end-users no longer have to worry about expensive IT staff, investments in hardware and software, hardware upgrades, software upgrades, compatibility issues, backup, security and network hassles.

N-Server also offers NPL developers exciting benefits such as a predictable steady revenue stream, reduced support burden, improved market penetration and possibly a retirement plan for those who are ready to cut back.

Niakwa has been in N-Server research and evaluation mode for several months. We have been addressing issues such as testing the performance and functionality of various applications, interviewing communications vendors, testing a variety of communications technologies, and exploring pricing models. We have tested Cable Modems, ISDN lines and traditional modems with both GUI and text based NPL applications. Although the testing and evaluation is not complete, we are far enough along to provide this update. In short, things are looking good.

We are ready to begin processing of an actual end-user. Our goal is to find a test site that will allow us to process larger files, and increased numbers of users. While we are researching both the U.S. and International marketplace technologies, we are further along in the research of the U.S. marketplace. For the purpose of this test we wish to begin with a candidate based in the USA. In the future we will conduct a similar test in the European marketplace. We acknowledge that the first end-user on N-Server will likely have to tolerate a few bumps. We therefore will offer reduced processing fees for a period of time.

If you have an end-user or prospect who might be interested in processing over the internet using N-Server, and who is willing to work with us as we shake the final kinks out of the system, please contact Niakwa via phone or via e-mail at


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