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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 4 No. 5 Community News & Information March 16, 2000

In this Issue:


On Sunday, April 2nd, Daylight Savings Time (DST) begins in the U.S. The European equivalent, Summer Time (ST), begins on Sunday, March 26th. If you are using a RunTime that is a Revision 4.21 or earlier with Windows NT installed on an NTFS partition, you may experience security problems in conjunction with automatic time changes to and from DST (or ST).

The cause of this problem is due to workstations becoming out of sync with the MS-Windows NT Server files date and time stamps resulting in the user being prompted for their NPL Gold Key. To correct the problem, perform the following steps:

-Logon to the Server as "Administrator".
-Open the "Control Panel".
-Click the icon for "Date/Time".
-Reset the "Date", back to a date before the time correction.
-Recall NPL security back to the Gold Key
-Set the "Date" on the server back to the current date and time.
-Re-install NPL security to the MS-Windows NT Server.

These steps will need to be repeated at the end of DST (or ST).

These simple steps are documented in Tech Note #88 which can be found in the Technical Support section of our website at The best solution to avoiding this problem is to upgrade your customers to Revision 4.3 or above. This will correct the security problem.


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