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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 4 No. 8 Community News & Information May 3, 2000

In this Issue:



Listed below are short descriptions of the most recent Tech Notes that have been added to our website. The full Tech Notes can be found on our website at

Tech Note 93 - Suppressing DOS Printing Errors

Applications frequently run unattended, for instance overnight. A printing error under these circumstances could halt program execution for a significant period of time. Tech Note 93 explains how to suppress DOS printing errors so that unattended applications continue to run successfully when the operating system reports a printing error. This technical note applies only to a DOS environment, and does not apply to Windows.

Tech Note 94 - OPEN# File Mode Parameter

The OPEN# statement was introduced in Release V for use with streaming data. Tech Note 94 provides details related to the file mode parameter of the OPEN# language statement. The file mode parameter determines the operations that will be performed on a file, such as read, write and append operations. This parameter also determines whether a new file is created. The file mode parameter can also optionally include a translation flag that is used to determine whether to translate line-feed characters.

Tech Note 95 - Eliminating I90 Errors

The source of intermittent I90 errors is often difficult to determine. This new Tech Note has been published to assist in troubleshooting I90 errors. Tech Note 95 identifies various causes of I90 errors and suggests solutions. Specifically, Tech Note 95 discusses prior modifications to the RunTime to eliminate I90 errors, the Windows NT Opportunistic File Locking setting, and how some network cards may cause I90 errors. Tech Note 95 consolidates and updates information released in previous Tech Notes such as Tech Note 89 and Tech Note 92.


In the February 17, 2000, Niakwa On-Line News Brief, we discussed testing results related to Windows 2000. At that time, the Novell client for Windows 2000 had not been tested. Niakwa has since tested the Novell Client 4.7 with both the 16 and 32-bit NPL Runtimes. Both Runtimes ran properly in these tests. Niakwa will provide updated information if any subsequent issues arise relating to the operation of the Runtime with either Novell 4.7 or Windows.


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