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Volume 5 No. 2 Community News & Information April 26, 2001

In This Issue:


Listed below is a brief description of the most recent Tech Note that has been added to our website. The full Tech Note can be found on our website at

Tech Note 99 - Performance Tuning NPL in Windows Environments

As more and more users transition to Windows NT / 2000 environments from Novell and Unix, and to 32-bit applications from 16-bit applications, some of them observe performance anomalies. This Tech Note is designed to clarify some configuration items that cause these performance issues, and to suggest possible solutions.


  • Issue: Oplocks on Windows NT / 2000 Networks
  • Issue: Multiple Sessions on One Machine
  • Issue: Windows 98/ME Scheduling
  • Issue: Unnecessary $CLOSE Operations
  • Windows Terminal Server / Citrix Performance Considerations
  • Other Performance Issues

We hope you will find this information useful in tackling various performance issues related to Windows NT / 2000 environments.

If you have additional suggestions from your own experience, please contact us at


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