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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 5 No. 5 Community News & Information July 18, 2001

In This Issue:



We have received permission from the following two Niakwa developers to share their unsolicited testimonials about their recent experiences with the Niakwa Win32 Print Library.


I can't thank you guys enough for developing this printer library. After working with Windows Printers in the Windows API for about 2 years now I know how complicated it is. In fact, Windows Printing is about the most complicated thing one can do in Windows. There are so many factors that come into play when trying to lay down a graphical image on a piece of paper. Yes I said graphical image. Everything Windows does is graphical, even printing!

This has literally saved our customer base. Let me tell you what was happening. We released our GUI product. Many of our customers (and I do mean many) decided, since we are getting new software, now is a good time to upgrade our hardware. In so doing, they also got new printers. Well, after installing the new GUI product, we found that there are some problems in our own Windows Print logic that is part of the GUI portion written in Visual Basic. This was to be expected because of the complexity of Windows Printing. Our fall back position was always to tell the user to PRINT the report in question in TEXT mode. And to our surprise, the printer drivers for these new printers do not support printing in TEXT mode. The manufacturers obviously decided not to allocate resources for this portion of the driver code because they probably assumed "no-one uses DOS anymore". These clients were "screwed". Your print library has saved the day.

Thought you might want to know.

Thanks Again,
Russ Fairchild
BuildNet, Inc.


I have spent the past several days incorporating the wonderful features of the WIN32 Print Library into my application code and would like to congratulate NIAKWA for having developed such a fine product! Thank you for making this available to your developers.

I can't get over how many nagging problems I've endured for years that the Print Library has solved! I'm absolutely thrilled having these valuable tools at my command and was totally impressed with how easily they "fit" into my existing application software.

Again, Job Well Done!
Ken Justesen
Financial Data Support Systems, Inc.

NOTE: The Win32 Print Library operates with a Release V RunTime and the Library comes standard on the current version of  the Niakwa Development IDE CD-ROM, or can be downloaded free of charge for current Gold Resellers from the Niakwa Web Site Gold Reseller Area at For any other interested developers, please contact to order, or call for pricing details.


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