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Volume 6 No. 2 Community News & Information March 15, 2002

In This Issue:




Today we begin shipping the much-anticipated Revision 5.10.  Order now! (Order volume is already high - if we're not available, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!)

* Special Note to Distributors:

The installation and upgrade procedures are VERY different than prior versions. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that your first exposure to 5.10 NOT be over the phone, after you've drop-shipped one to a customer.  PLEASE upgrade your own RunTime first, so you have some experience before assisting your customers.  Also, you can read the RunTime Package Installation Guide here:

Some other reminders:

Revision 5.10 for Group 2 and Group 4 Windows will replace the current Windows versions 5.01.

* RunTime Effects:

New Format! Now the RunTime Package consists of one 3-1/2" security Gold Key and one CD-ROM containing all other related programs and documentation.

New & Improved Security! The new security NPL 5.10 will be available in Windows Product Groups 2 and Groups 4.

*PLEASE NOTE: Only the Group 4 RunTime will have the option of the new NPLSecure, Protocol Independent - IP Only installation option.

*Upgrade Effects:

The Upgrade procedure has CHANGED! Due to the 5.10 improved RunTime security, the NPL upgrade program now upgrades your EXISTING 5.0, 4.3 or 4.2 Gold Key.   In fact, every 5.10 Gold Key CD-ROM Package contains all the necessary programs for a new OR upgrade installation. For a 5.10 upgrade, the only additional requirement is the upgrade authorization code from Niakwa.

Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully for your first 5.10 new and/or upgrade installation (they have changed)!

* IDE Effects:

Release 5.10 will replace the existing version 5.01, and a new IDE CD-ROM will automatically be sent to all renewed distributors beginning today.

For a complete list of details, see Marketing Bulletin 94.


In conjunction with the Release of version NPL 5.10, we are offering the following 3 month discount promotion effective immediately!

If you ADD USERS at the same time as doing an upgrade to 5.10, you will receive a 15% discount off the total order, up to a maximum discount of $150! That's right, for 5.10, increase in users you get 15% off up to $150. It's the 5.10-15% to $150 Special!

* For 5.01 to 5.10 upgrades with additional users - discount 15% off total order! (And the 5.x to 5.x upgrade fee does not apply when adding users, only the user bump fee!)

* For 4.x to 5.10 upgrades with additional users - discount 15% off total order! (That's 15% off of the upgrade fee plus 15% off the increased users fee!)

Maximum Discount $150 per upgrade. Save $$$ anytime you add users during this promotion period!

That's a significant savings you can pass on to your customers who have been considering adding more users. Now they can receive the latest version 5.10, and get a discount off of additional users!

This offer will expire June 15, 2002! We hope you will be able to take advantage of this special limited time promotion!


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