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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 6 No. 5 Community News & Information April 30, 2002

In this Issue:





Niakwa has a new attitude towards maintenance releases. In the past, they were rarely produced, and each one was exhaustively tested. This meant that they were not released very often - many times delaying delivery of necessary bug fixes. In the future, Niakwa will be more like other software companies - releasing fixes more often (but out of necessity, testing each revision less thoroughly). This new approach will make Niakwa more responsive to your requests.

Further, when a maintenance release has been available for some time and has shown no problems, we will also update the revision in physically shipped media. (We will make an announcement via this On-Line News Brief when the revision is updated.) This will improve the quality of the product we deliver, and make it less likely you will have to copy a maintenance release to a customer site after doing an installation.


The first maintenance release to 5.10 is now available for download by renewed distributors. There are bug fixes and several enhancements, including support in $DECLARE for the NUM() floating point data type.

NOTE: Maintenance releases are not tested to the same extent as production releases. Distributors should thoroughly test each release with their application BEFORE installing it at a customer site. Use of a maintenance release is at the distributor's and customer's own risk.

5.10.17 for Windows, and its release notes, are available here:


In conjunction with the Release of version NPL 5.10, we are offering the following promotion!

If you ADD USERS at the same time as doing an upgrade to 5.10, you will receive a 15% discount off the total order, up to a maximum discount of $150! That's right, for 5.10, increase in users you get 15% off up to $150. It's the 5.10-15% to $150 Special!

* For 5.01 to 5.10 upgrades with additional users - discount 15% off total order! (And the 5.x to 5.x upgrade fee does not apply when adding users, only the user bump fee!)

* For 4.x to 5.10 upgrades with additional users - discount 15% off total order! (That's 15% off of the upgrade fee plus 15% off the increased users fee!)

Maximum Discount $150 per upgrade. Save $$$ anytime you add users during this promotion period!

That's a significant savings you can pass on to your customers who have been considering adding more users. Now they can receive the latest version 5.10, and get a discount off of additional users!

This offer will expire June 15, 2002! We hope you will be able to take advantage of this special limited time promotion!

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.


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