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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 6 No. 11 Community News & Information September 23, 2002

In this Issue:




We have beautiful navy polo shirts made by Land's End, with the Niakwa logo and swoosh embroidered on the chest, and we're giving them away! How do you get one?

Two ways:

1) A shirt will be included with any single order which meets any of the following criteria*:

  • Contains 5 or more new RunTimes

  • Contains a new RunTime 15-users or larger

  • Containing a user count increase to 15-users or larger

TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Offer valid through September only, while supplies last. Limit 3 shirts total per distributor.

2) A shirt will be included with every distributor license renewal! That's right, simply renew your license, receive all of the normal benefits, and get a shirt! This offer will continue while supplies last - distributors may renew early to ensure availability. Limit one shirt per distributor.

Sizes and supplies are limited, so place your order soon!

* Fine print: Offer valid only for purchases made according to published user count, price, and quantity discount schedules. Cannot be combined with any other offer or special arrangements.


In Marketing Bulletin No. 94, February 28, 2002, we announced the phasing out of 16-bit NPL. Increasingly we find that many technical support problems are alleviated by upgrading to NPL V, so in the interest of better operation and less technical problems, we will be phasing out all non-32-bit versions for DOS/Windows (DOS/Windows versions prior to NPL V), as well as 386 DOS/Extender versions.

Revision 4.3 DOS, Windows, and 386 DOS/Extender versions will no longer be available for new or upgrade purchase after December 31, 2002. Replacement of revisions 4.x will be honored through June, 2003. After that time an upgrade to version 5.10 will be required. Discontinuation of support of these revisions will be announced at a future date.

Niakwa has been very generous with these time frames, even though sales of 4.3 DOS, Windows, and 386 DOS/Extender are almost non-existent, and Release V has been available for over 4 years. However if you have specific issues with the transition to Release V, please contact us for help resolving them.


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