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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 6 No. 13 Community News & Information December 13, 2002

In This Issue:




This January Niakwa will move to new office space. (Hey, the last time we did this it was January also - why always when it is cold outside? Hopefully this time there will be less snow!)

Why are we moving?

- The new location is much closer to a CO (main telephone station), which will allow us full-time, high speed internet access. We will need this for some web projects that are in the works.
- The new location is much closer to where most of our employees live (if we go much further north we'll be in a different state!)
- The new space is nearly the same, but costs substantially less.
- And of course, our current lease is expired.

The new address, phone, and fax information will be provided soon.

All web and email addresses will remain the same, though there may be an outage during the move.

Niakwa will be closed for a day or two during the move. The exact date will be announced soon.


In observance of Christmas, Niakwa's offices will be following this schedule:

Wednesday, December 20th - Last day for shipments
Monday, December 23 through Wednesday December 25 - Closed
Thursday, December 26 - Open, normal schedule resumes
Wednesday, January 1 - Closed

Happy Holidays!


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