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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 7 No. 4   Community News & Information   June 17, 2003

In this Issue:


Today Niakwa announces it officially supports Microsoft Windows Server 2003 using NPL 5.

We tested the final edition of Server 2003. Our most rigorous testing was performed with NPL 5.10.19. Server 2003 is supported with NPL Release 5.10 using either NPLSecure security or NetBIOS security.

Server 2003 can be configured to perform different roles. NPL was tested with the server configured as a file server, a file server/domain controller, and a file server/domain controller/terminal server. Due to the higher security inherent in Windows Server 2003, security configuration must be considered more carefully than in previous releases.

We only observed one unusual behavior: Pervasive SQL v.7 appears to have a problem with Terminal Server. Standard NDM utilities (using BTRIEVE components) function properly, but when trying to execute NDMSQL via terminal services from a client, a Pervasive error is produced that indicates there is a problem accessing either the client or the server's shared memory objects. This appears to be a Pervasive problem not NPL or NDMSQL. NDMSQL functions properly with Pervasive v.7 when used via a standard LAN connection. This problem may already have been addressed in later versions of Pervasive. Pervasive should be contacted to determine which versions of their products are supported in Server 2003.

Note: as with all recent operating systems, only Release V is supported, Release IV is not.

If you experience any unusual behavior using Release V on Server 2003, please let us know at


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