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Volume 8 No. 2   Community News & Information   May 9, 2004

In this issue:




There is a new RunTime specifically designed for Linux. Also included is a new version of NDM designed for use with the PostgreSQL database.

The first beta version was found to be very stable with no significant problems. However Niakwa has added significant enhancements to this version of NDM. Specifically, it will now be possible to execute custom SQL statements from within NDM, and to retrieve rows from the result set.

A new beta will be shipped soon, so that these enhancements can be fully tested before final release. Those distributors who received the first beta will automatically receive the second. If you did not sign up for the first beta, then you have a new opportunity to do so.

The Beta Ordering Supplement is available here:

If you are not a renewed reseller, but are interested in the beta, please contact us at

NOTE: This version of NPL is designed for SuSE Linux 8.2 operating environments and NDM for PostgreSQL on SuSE Linux. The use of any other distribution of Linux or PostgreSQL is NOT supported. It is VERY IMPORTANT that before attempting to use this RunTime that you already have some experience with SuSE Linux, and that before attempting to use this version of NDM that you already have some experience with PostgreSQL on SuSE Linux. Niakwa does not have the knowledge or the manpower to support those products; we can only support our own products.


In remembrance of President Ronald Reagan, the United States has declared this Friday June 11 as a national day of mourning.
Accordingly, Niakwa will be closed.

Niakwa will also be closed July 5 in celebration of the United States Independence Day.

Thank you for your understanding.


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