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Niakwa On-Line News Brief

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Volume 8 No. 4   Community News & Information   October 28, 2004

In this issue:

NPL IS 20!

NPL IS 20!

It was 20 years ago this month that Niakwa rocked the BASIC-2 community with the introduction of BASIC-2C - now NPL. Through the years, NPL has evolved to fit the needs of our developers, but its still fun to think back. It was a very exciting time!

We send our sincere thanks to all of our valued customers for their support and dedication to Niakwa and to NPL.


There is a new RunTime specifically designed for Linux. Also included is a new version of NDM designed for use with the PostgreSQL database, and NDM for C-ISAM on Linux. The final version is expected to begin shipping next week.

RunTime orders may be placed now.

Final development software is available now, free to renewed distributors, through the Gold Area of the Niakwa website:

If you are not a renewed distributor, but would like to know how you can receive the development software, please contact us at


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