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Visual NPL Survey

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Visual NPL Survey

Your input will be crucial in the design of the next version of Visual NPL, designed for .NET.  Please fill out the form below and click the "submit" button.  If you have more questions, call us at (847) 265-7400 or send an e-mail.

Your information will be kept confidential and will not be added to our mailing lists, it will only be used for follow up questions.

Customer Information:

City: State/Prov.:
Zip / Postal Code:
Phone:   Fax:  

General questions:

Approximately how many end-user installations of your Visual NPL application are there?:* 
What are you using NPL for and what are you using VB for?  (For example, is NPL handling the GUI events from your VB forms or is that done in VB with NPL mainly called to access and manipulate your data?): 

Which current Visual NPL features are you using now AND would use in Visual NPL .NET?

Change-list programming (chapter 4)
Instant Vinny
System objects (section 3.3.4)
Collections (section 3.4.3)
Special commands (section 3.4.4), please specify:
Developer-defined commands (section 3.4.5)
Input boxes (section 3.8.3)
Color manipulation (section 3.8.6)
Other, please specify:

* Required field

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