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     Converting from Wang Basic-2 to NPL

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Converting from Wang Basic-2 to NPL

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Converting from Wang Basic-2 to NPL

NPL Answers Wang Issues

Wang 2200/Basic-2 Applications maintain exactly the same look and feel on a variety of hardware and operating systems. Following are a few application specific issues Niakwa addresses:


The "Advanced Information Management System" (AIMS) has been successfully ported to all NPL environments. For porting information, contact your local AIMS distributor or contact VCR, Inc. at (407) 722-0220.


The Wang IDEAS utility version 1.03 can be migrated to NPL. Modification of a single $GIO statement allows IDEAS to operate correctly under NPL. For details, contact Niakwa.


The Wang KFAM utilities have been successfully ported to NPL. Version 7.0 must be set up for multiplexed operation. Modifications are required only in the KFAMOPEN routine*.

* ERGO Systems of Potomac, MD has enhanced the KFAM utilities under NPL to support more users and larger files. For information, contact ERGO Systems at (301) 983-8245.


With the replacement of specific code generation logic routines, the Wang SORT4 utility can successfully port to new systems. Contact Niakwa for these replacement routines.


The SPEED I utility and SPEED I-based applications have been modified to operate under NPL. SPEED I is easily migrated from the 2200 to any NPL environment. Post performance gains of 500% (and better on high-end 486 systems) are not uncommon. For details, contact your local SPEED I vendor or Northwest Source Group (NSG) at (206) 244-6205.

Global Variables

NPL's unique module feature easily integrates code from global partitions into each user's partition without line number or variable conflicts. Using Basic-2's global variables, NPL handles file and record locking on disk rather than in the global partition (as managed with Basic-2).

This task runs much faster in NPL, with the performance gains directly related to the hardware system in use.

2227B Asynchronous Communications Controller

Niakwa's 2227 Driver emulates the Wang 2227B Asynchronous Communications Controller. Niakwa's Scientific and Communications Driver (SCD) package provides the 2227 Driver and other drivers.


Many other Wang 2200/CS applications and formats have also been successfully converted to NPL.

NOTE: Niakwa performs consulting services for both Wang conversions and custom development. Contact the Niakwa Sales Department for more information.

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NPL Receives High Acclaim

In The Beginning

"...allowed us to get a BUG FREE product to market quickly..."
Lawrence R. Gardner, President
General Software Systems

"Very easy and straight forward conversion method."
Eric Muench, President
Genesistems, Inc.

"It just flies...this is fast!"
Tim VeArd, President
VeArd Computer Research
while viewing compiled AIMS 3.6

"My entire system compiled in just 5 minutes... performance is outstanding!"
Alan Green, President
FlexSystems Ltd.
while viewing compiled Flex3

"...watershed event..."
"...two to four times faster than an LVP..."
State of The Art column
On Line Data Access, 10/84

"Most important development in the Wang field since the introduction of Basic-2!"
James E. Mellon, President
Mellon Software, Inc.

Ten Years Later

"Any programmer worth his weight in salt should be able to work with NPL right away."
Craig Freeman, President
Software Systems Company

"It's a much more modern looking and acting language than ever before."
Richard Brown, Vice President
Data West Corporation

[The Niakwa Library Program] "saves a lot of development time and labor on enhancement and maintenance of existing programs or development of future applications."
Emmanuel Rego, Owner
Computer Work Systems, Inc.

"We now have the best of Pascal and C as well as BASIC."
Mike Griffiths, Owner
Sunrise Data Systems, Inc.

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