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Matching and Contract Programming

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The NPL community is active and vibrant with over 150,000 end-user seats installed worldwide supported by a solid network of VARs and programmers.

Occasionally end-users need more technical resources than are available to them. Niakwa’s Resource Matching Program is the answer. As the author of NPL, Niakwa knows where the best technical talent is, and just as important, who is available for engagements, when.

The Niakwa Resource Matching Program will match your needs with technical consultants with just the right experience.

The Need

For many end-users, their NPL - based application is critical to the operation of their business. Such applications are back-logged with growing lists of enhancement and change requests for programming work like:

  • new functionality
  • normal maintenance
  • windows look and feel
  • data handling enhancements

In addition it may be necessary to integrate the NPL application with software or data from other systems.

The problem is finding enough technical resources to keep up with the work. Many end-users developed their application software internally and are now short on staff. Or possibly the NPL dealer who originally developed the software is no longer available. Either way it seems as if not enough qualified people are available to get the job done. This can result in project completion delays, overtime, stress on the developers, and the application falling behind the times.

The logical place to find a solution is Niakwa, the author of NPL. We know where the resources are and can match them to your specific needs.

The Resources

Niakwa maintains a database of qualified NPL programmers, developers and consultants. Many focus on specific industries and support large customer bases while others specialize in custom development for a smaller group of customers.

Their knowledge and experience touch every aspect of systems development including management consulting, process reengineering, systems design, programming, testing, documentation, operating systems, hardware, networking issues, and more. These professionals are available for long or short engagements, on-site or off-site work and are located world-wide.

Niakwa backs up the consultants with the latest in NPL development tools, top notch technical support, and project coordination assistance.

The Matching Process

Once an engagement request is received by Niakwa we go to work looking for the ideal candidate for the project.

The first step is understanding the application from both functional and technical perspectives by interviewing the end-users and reviewing documentation. Once we understand the intent and technical requirements of the application we focus on the work that needs to be done. Through additional discussion we define the exact skill set required of the ideal consultant. Other factors such as where and when the work must be done are factored in to complete the picture.

We then search the database, qualifying candidates based upon geography, availability, industry or application knowledge and of course applicable NPL knowledge. One of the tools used is our 16 page interview form which tests all aspects of their NPL technical knowledge. Depending upon the requirements of the engagement we review prior work produced by the candidates such as code listings, documentation or system design work.

We reduce the list of candidates down to a short list for final screening and perform reference checks before presenting the final candidates to the end-user for interviews.


You will be pleasantly surprised at the quantity and quality of consultants available through Niakwa’s Resource Matching Program. It is no longer necessary to work long hard hours just to keep up, or to get along without application enhancements that your organization really needs. Niakwa will match the technical talent to your specific needs.