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New Technical Notes

Limited Support of Release 5.10.19 on Vista 10/1/07
Niakwa is announcing conditional approval for using Niakwa runtime revision 5.10.19 and higher on Microsoft Vista operating systems...  see Technical Note No. 101

Issues with XP Service Pack 2  09/07/04
Some of the many new features included in Windows XP Service Pack 2 require special configuration in order to allow NPL to function properly.  For more information, see Technical Note No. 100.

Performance Tuning NPL in Windows Environments  04/25/01
As more and more users transition to Windows NT / 2000 networks from Novell and Unix, and to 32-bit applications from 16-bit applications, some of them observe performance anomalies.  For information designed to clarify some configuration items that cause these performance issues, and some possible solutions, see Technical Note No. 99.

Configuring LANA Numbers in NT 4.0 and Windows 2000  12/20/00
Occasionally, even if properly configured, the RunTime may experience difficulty authenticating with an NT/Windows 2000 server from some NT/Windows 2000 workstations, resulting in an erroneous "Number of Authorized users exceeded", error message.   This problem is typically related to the LANA (LAN Adapter) number configuration of NetBIOS on the workstation, if the default LANA number, zero, is bound to a wide-area network.   For the most current information regarding configuring LANA numbers, go to Technical Note No. 98.

Packaging a Vinny Project for Distribution  12/20/00
Since the release of 32-bit Vinny it has become apparent that the distribution information contained in the original documentation is incomplete.  This tech note is being published to correct that situation.  For information on the correct method for deploying a Vinny application, go to Technical Note No. 97.

Search Sequence for Locating DLL's  12/20/00
One of the questions that arises when using external libraries in conjunction with NPL is “how does NPL find the library?”  DLL's used with the /X option of NPL are not normally registered, but rather are found by a Microsoft API LoadLibrary call, which uses the standard Windows hunt order for directories to search.  For more information on that hunt order, go to Technical Note No. 96.

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