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October 1, 2007 No. 101

Limited Support of Release 5.10.19 on Windows Vista

All new computers being built for use with Microsoft Windows are installed with Windows Vista, making it more difficult to find computers without the Vista operating system pre-installed. In order avoid delaying our customers from making necessary technology upgrades, Niakwa is announcing conditional approval for using Niakwa runtime revision 5.10.19 and higher on Microsoft Vista operating systems with the following provisions:

The following issues have been identified with Vista that require changes to the NPL runtime and will be corrected in the next release.


  • Fonts
  • #TERM, #ID
  • Novell

    Fonts: Vista identifies the default NPL font incorrectly. This mis-identification causes some characters to be handled incorrectly. The problem does not affect normal letter or number characters, it affects non-alpha/numeric characters like character box lines.

    No work-around exists for this problem at this time.

    RTIWIN.INI: Vista allows only administrators to add and change files in the Windows directory. When other users try to add a file to the Windows directory, Vista redirects the file to that individual user’s unique “Windows” directory.

    This behavior creates a problem with the RTIWIN.INI file. The NPL runtime expects to find RTIWIN.INI in the true Windows directory. If an administrator logs in and runs the runtime, the RTIWIN.INI file is created in the true Windows directory and there is no problem. However, if a regular user is logged in, a new RTIWIN.INI is created in the user’s virtual “Windows” directory and changes to the RTIWIN.INI file are redirected to the user’s virtual "Windows" directory. The runtime still reads information from the RTIWIN.INI file in the real Windows directory.

    To work-around this problem, run RTIWIN32.EXE and RTPWIN32.EXE as administrator.
    In certain environments there may be security policies in place that prohibit doing this.

    #TERM, #ID: #TERM and #ID are not reported correctly under Vista. Without correct information, TERMINAL.TBL and NETID.TBL do not work properly.

    As a work-around to have a unique #TERM, use the /t=x start up option to assign a unique terminal number. To assign a unique #ID for the NETID.TBL, use the BASIC2C_ID environment variable to declare a unique value for #ID.

    Novell: There appears to be issues with the Vista Novell Netware Client, which prevents NPL from functioning. This is still in testing.

    No work-around exists at this time.

    These are the issues we have uncovered and are working on to correct.



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