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September 27, 1993 No. 61

Using the Niakwa Bulletin Board System

The Niakwa Bulletin Board System (NBBS) has been on-line for over a year now and continues to grow. Currently, the NBBS has 9 unique conferences established to allow users to quickly find what their looking for. This Tech Note will focus on additional features and uses of the NBBS system that many of you may not be aware of.

What's New

The NBBS contains 10 NEWS files. One for each conference and one for the Main conference. If the Main Conference NEWS file has been updated since a user's last session, this file will be displayed upon the user's next session.

If other conferences have been updated since the user's last session, the NBBS displays a message relating that there is NEWS in a specific conference. To access that information, simply JOIN the conference. An updated NEWS file will always display automatically when a conference is joined.

To review a NEWS file in any conference, JOIN the conference and type NEWS. The NEWS file will be displayed.

Currently the NBBS system is being updated at least once a month and is reviewed daily. Updates to the following are performed as necessary.

  • New Tech Note Listings
  • Updated Bug Reports
  • NPL RunTime Patches and Updates
  • SDK Forum
  • The Niakwa Library Conference COMING SOON!!!
  • Any other communications from Niakwa that are appropriate

The Niakwa Library Conference is currently not on-line but will be soon. This conference will contain descriptions of NPL Libraries submitted by Niakwa developers. All pertinent information about each library will be provided along with how to obtain the library. Libraries submitted as SHAREWARE will be available for downloading directly from the library conference.

Particular attention should be paid to the Bug Reports and Patches conferences on the NBBS. These conferences will always contain the most current NPL patches, update files and bug reports.

The Bug Conference is now updated monthly. All past bug reports are available on-line. Niakwa now maintains an OPEN bug report on-line. The OPEN bug report is updated monthly. The OPEN bug report is CLOSED and distributed to the field quarterly. At this point, a new OPEN bug report is created and maintained. Developers are encouraged to periodically review the open bug report on the NBBS to stay current with new problems, existing problems and resolutions.

NOTE: Bug reports are now maintained for NPL and the Niakwa Data Manager (NDM). In addition, a Bug Index is maintained for both and contains a short description of all bugs from all bug reports. The Bug Index also indicates the Bug Report # where detailed descriptions can be found and if the bug is open or closed.

The Patches Conference contains file updates for current product releases ranging from security to RunTime files. Not all files in this conference are distributed to the field, but each has been documented in a Tech Note. Developers should check this conference on a regular basis and download any applicable files.

NOTE: Niakwa will now publish the availability of NPL Patch files, in Tech Notes, as they become available. These files will be distributed via the NBBS or shipped to developers upon request. Niakwa Master Distributors will continue to have these files sent directly to them. This is a change in our policy to have these patches automatically shipped to everyone.

Niakwa will continue to keep our developers informed and distribute field updates as necessary, but developers should begin to view these areas on the BBS as a primary source of current information.

We would also like to hear any suggestions you may have related to the improvement of the Niakwa BBS. Please drop us a fax or leave a message to the Niakwa BBS SYSOP.

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