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December 28, 1993 No. 63

Novell NetWare Virtual Loadable Modules (VLMs) Fix

Novell has recently announced a upgrade to their VLM drivers (Version 1.1) that will correct the file sharing and hogging problems reported in Tech Note 62. These new drivers are designed for use with Novell NetWare 4.0x and 3.1x installations.

Per Novell's information, these upgraded drivers will be available through their dealers or on NetWire in late December (Niakwa is prohibited from distributing these due to Novell's agreement for exclusive distribution by Compuserve). Until these drivers are available, continue to use NETX.COM as discussed in Tech Note 62.

NOTE: Although the new VLM drivers correct the file sharing problems experienced under NetWare 3.1x and 4.0x, they do not correct the problem of NPL MS-Windows RunTimes not passing security under NetWare 4.0x. Refer to Tech Note 66 for information on resolving this issue.

Any specific questions or problems regarding the NetWare VLM drivers or NetWare versions may be directed to Niakwa's Technical Support.

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