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December 28, 1993 No. 66

Novell NetWare 4.0x Security Files Patch

As discussed in Tech Note 62 and 63, Niakwa has corrected a problem where the NPL RunTime security would not operate correctly under NetWare 4.0x. This Tech Note discusses a patch to this situation.

Niakwa is distributing this patch with installation instruction through the Niakwa BBS or at the developers request by mail. To download the patch files from the Niakwa BBS, follow the steps

shown below:

  1. Dial (708) 634- 6227 from your modem.
  2. Enter your first and last name (or log in as GUEST if you are not a registered user).
  3. Enter your password (only required if you are a registered user).
  4. Enter "J 4" to join conference 4 - patches.
  5. Enter: "F" to show file menu.
  6. Enter: "1" for the download menu.
  7. Enter "D" to download.
  8. Enter the filespec "NETW4FIX.ZIP".
  9. Enter the appropriate protocol information to complete the download.

The patch files are in a "zipped" format and can be unzipped by following the BBS instructions on this subject (from the BBS Main Menu select J for Join, 3 for General Info, B for Bulletins, and 4 for PKUNZIP Information).

Once unzipped, you will find six new NIAKSECx.COM files, a new RESET.COM program, and a new NIAKMOVE.COM program.

NOTE: This patch will only work when the new NIAKMOVE program is used to install the NPL Gold Key security.

For new installations, make sure that the new NIAKMOVE is placed on the NPL Gold Key diskette prior to executing NIAKINST and make sure that the new NIAKSECx.COM files are installed on the users system.

For sites where security was installed using the old NIAKMOVE, the NPL security fingerprint must be recalled and reinstalled by following the steps shown below.

NOTE: You must be at a workstation and be logged in as Supervisor to execute this procedure.

1. Copy the new files to the end user's file server in the directory where the Niakwa Programming Language files are stored. For example:


These new files will overwrite the existing RunTime files in the destination directory.

NOTE: Make sure that all existing NIAKSEC*.COM files are replaced with the new files in case the user has multiple \BASIC2C directories or is using an alternate directory name.

2. Log on to the floppy drive by entering:

A: (or the correct floppy drive designation)

3. Change to the \BASIC2C directory by entering:


4. Execute the NIAKRCLL program by entering:

NIAKRCLL F: A: (where F: is the appropriate server volume and A: is the correct floppy drive designation)

5. Once the Gold Key security is recalled successfully, change back to the appropriate server volume by entering:

F: (or the correct server volume designation)

6. Change to the directory where the NPL files are stored by entering:

CD \BASIC2C (or the correct directory where the NPL files are)

7. Execute the new NIAKMOVE program by entering:

NIAKINST A: F: (where A: is the appropriate floppy drive designation and F: is the correct server volume)

8. Answer "Y" to install the new security.

These files can be used for updating our standard Revision 3.20 and Release IV Novell NetWare, MS- Windows/Novell NetWare, 386/DOS- Extender/Novell NetWare, and combined RunTime products for use with NetWare 4.0x.

This is a temporary solution for developers who have encountered this problem. It is our intention to update all of our DOS based product's production with these files in 60- 90 days.

Any specific questions or problems regarding the NPL Gold Key security operation under NetWare 4.0x may be directed to Niakwa's Technical Support.

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