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January 31, 1994 No. 67

MS-Windows and the Niakwa 2227 Communication Drivers

Niakwa has recently received several calls on the use of the MS-Windows RunTime with the Niakwa 2227 Communication drivers.

Technical Note #48 and the Release Notes for the Release III version of NPL for MS-Windows both recommend the use of the 2227 drivers only in MS-Windows standard mode. Further in-house testing has shown that the use of the 2227 drivers under MS-Windows is unreliable in both standard and 386 enhanced mode. Therefore, Niakwa does not recommend the use of the 2227 drivers with MS-Windows either in MS-Windows standard or 386 enhanced mode.

The issue is under review by Niakwa. Developers who only need limited ability to read and write data from a serial port, (i.e., do not need the use of the 2227 drivers) can use the $GIO C620 microcommand as described in Section 5.7 of the NPL MS-DOS Supplement.

For developers who do not need compatibility with existing NPL communication applications (i.e., use of $GIO), an interim solution exists by the use of the upcoming, Niakwa Gateway to the MS-Windows API product. This interface program will allow developers to make calls to the MS-Window's API (including calls to communication drivers) from NPL applications. This product is scheduled for a SDK (beta) release in early February.

Contact Niakwa Technical Support for additional information on the Niakwa Gateway to the MS-Windows API.

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