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January 31, 1994 No. 68

$OPEN to Spooled Printers Using VLM Drivers for Novell NetWare

We have recently discovered a problem with $OPEN requests to captured printers when operating the NPL RunTime with Novell NetWare 4.0x or NetWare 3.1x using the Virtual Loadable Module (VLM) workstation manager.

When the VLM drivers are loaded, any $OPEN request to a captured printer causes the sytem to behave as though the device is hogged by another task. If no line number exit is used, an $OPEN request will hang the workstation. If the line number exit is used, the specified branch will be taken.

The above problem affects both the 3.2x and 4.00 versions of NPL for MS-DOS based environments (i.e, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, 386/DOS-Extender).

Most NPL applications will be affected. Possible workarounds for the above problem are:

  1. REM out the $OPEN.
    NOTE: Care should be taken not to REM out $OPENs used for diskimage files.
  2. Use the older NETX.EXE or NETX.COM workstation shells.
  3. Modify the application to send all print output to an ASCII file and then use the Novell Netware command "NPRINT" to print the file.
  4. Print to local (non-captured) printers.

A general update (version 4.10) that corrects the above problem, as well as other problems, will be available in mid-February. Contact Niakwa Technical Support for additional information.

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