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February 11, 1994 No. 69

NPL Interim Release IV Update

Niakwa recently made available an interim version of Release IV (version 4.00.27) intended to correct two problems encountered by users - refer to Tech Note #65. At the time this was made available, it was our intention to deliver a formal update in early February. Thus, the interim 4.00.27 version has a built in drop dead date of February 28.

Due to the additional enhancements incorporated into the 4.10 update, Niakwa has extended the beta test period for this product. This update include significant enhancements to multi-user capabilities in DOS based network environments. Because of this decision, the estimated delivery for the formal 4.10 release is now mid-March.

A new interim version of the update with a drop dead date of April 30 is now available. In addition to the problems previously reported as corrected, this version contains a correction for the $OPEN problem with Netware spooled printers with VLM drivers in use (refer to Tech Note #68).

Please Contact Niakwa Technical Support or NSG if you wish to obtain this interim update.

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