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February 11, 1994 No. 70

386/DOS Extender Bug with RAW Diskette Access

Niakwa has recently discovered a bug affecting "RAW" diskette multi-sector disk operations when using the NPL 386/DOS Extender RunTime. Revisions 3.20 and 4.00 of NPL are affected.

This bug affects all "RAW" media types supported by Niakwa. The problem can intermittently occur on the following multi-sector I/O commands.

  • COPY
  • MOVE
  • SAVE (If program requires relocation to end of catalog)

When the problem occurs, data is corrupted by the operation. This bug does affect the Niakwa 2CBCKP, 2CRCVR and 2CCOPY utilities.

This problem has been corrected in NPL Revision 4.10, and will be available in mid-March. For now, developers should use the Standard MS-DOS RunTime as a temporary workaround for applications using "raw" diskette access.

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